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Districts were not without adversity. On Day 1, the 4-seed got injured -- shrieking outside and had a knee issue -- but turns out it wasn't an ACL thankfully. Anyway, it meant one of my sophomores advanced by default to the quarters, she won that decisively and then played in the semis against our top seeded best player. She lost of course, but then won the 3rd place match.

Our 3-seed junior defaulted because she managed to leave before the quarterfinals, without telling anyone, assuming she could get back in time. She did not get back in time and they defaulted her. It was not fun, but a life lesson that she'll learn from I hope.

Anyway, it meant we didn't meet ourselves in the final (but rather in the top half of the semis) and it also meant the District title race (where you earn one point per round a player advances including byes) was tighter going into the last day than I'd have liked.

We went into today's semis with the two singles semi-finalist and a doubles semi-finalist, our top pairing.

Our singles player won the finals decisively 6-2, 6-0.

Doubles was a marathon, after winning the 1st set 6-2, they lost the 2nd set 3-6 and dragged into a 3rd set, but they recomposed themselves and their opponents (who have only lost once in high school) kind of pressed a bit and we were able to grind out a 7-5 win in the 3rd set to also claim the doubles title.

It was an extremely long day, but it was a fun day and culmination to the season of weirdness with masks and so forth. And while I was initially unhappy this tournament was happening, giving the seniors a sense of normalcy and a true culmination -- even if it wasn't a state championship meet -- was probably for the best, especially because it meant I got to meet all of the parents of my kids which was cool.

In the end, we won:
District team championship
District singles title
District doubles title
District singles 3rd place
League championship

Not bad for 6 weeks of work.

So we're done for now. Looking forward to a season without masks and COVID fears and an actual state championship race.

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