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To say that the area is hot is somewhat of an understatement. There are vast lakes and rivers of lava all around us. We begin making our way in towards the mining facility, carefully keeping to the areas of solid rock between the pools of lava. I suspect that lava will even damage our titans, so we'll stay well away.

We reach an area where the lava draws close on both sides. GodzillaBlitz shouts out a warning as he spots a single recon titan up on the other side of the isthmus. Every begins locking on and trying for scans while moving forward.

0:56 - SirFozzie completes a yellow level scan. From this we determine that the target is a Will-o'-Wisp. It carries a missile launcher and a cannon of some kind. We have no indication of exact details. SirFozzie lets loose a pair of ineffective shots from his class 4 auto cannons and then tries for an even better scan while moving closer.

0:58 - Unfortunately, the Will-o'-Wisp moves out of sight behind some hills. The squad moves forward, sticking close for support.

1:18 - SirFozzie shouts a warning as another android in a Musketeer comes into sight. Due to the excessive ground cover though, most of the squad is unable to see it, and even SirFozzie quickly loses sight.

1:35 - Soon we are able to catch sight of the Musketeer again. Everyone begins going for lock-ons and starts scanning. We don't want to generate excessive heat by firing without a decent target.

3:03 - After a good deal of movement with some glimpses of the enemy (but nothing solid enough to obtain a good scan), the squad finally comes into short range view of the Musketeer everyone begins backing up in the light ground cover to keep their distance. Unfortunately, the enemy is quick to react, and hits Blade6119 with a number of autocannon shots. He is knocked to the ground by the impact.

3:07 - SirFozzie is the first to respond. He hits with a few bursts from his autocannons, but with no significant effect.

3:08 - Gozilla Blitz hits the enemy's right leg a moment later with his tesla bolt, but the android keeps it's feet.

3:14 - Blade6119 regains his feet and lets loose with all his missiles, hitting with almost everything. He then begins to move forward so that he can engage with his chainsaws.

3:22 - Up until now, we'd only been engaged with the Musketeer. However, now a Dragonfly moves into view at close range. You might recall that this was Godzilla Blitz's first titan. It features a small laser and a large laser. Definitely a poor choice (due to heat) in this environment. We figure it's probably best to finish of the Musketeer first.

3:23 - Godzilla Blitz hits again with his tesla, this time in the right arm. That Musketeer is taking a serious pounding, but apparently it's still not enough yet to drop it.

3:26 - sachmo71 takes a hit from the Dragonfly with its small laser. This is not too concerning, as he should be able to absorb some amount of punishment.

3:31 - As Blade6119 charges the Musketeer, he spots another enemy beyond it. Unfortunately, he doesn't have time to determine its identity, as both titans tumble to the ground in a heap.

3:33 - Moments later, a well placed shot from SirFozzie rips the right leg off the Musketeer. That will keep it down, so everyone but Blade6119 retargets on the Dragonfly

3:39 - Blade6119 gets to his feet and unleashes on the Musketeer. Unfortunately, it's not enough to complete the kill, so Blade6119 begins retargeting on the fast approaching Forge while preparing to retreat.

3:43 - Godzilla Blitz grins as a shot from his tesla bolt rips off the Dragonfly's right arm. It stays standing, but probably not for much longer.

4:01 - Unfortunately, the Forge moves into close range with Blade6119 before he is able to escape, and with a few deadly shots manages to tear off his left leg. The rest of the squad begins retargeting to try and save him.

4:12 - sachmo71 is the first to get off an attack at the Forge unfortunately, with his heat running so high, he is only able to take a couple shots, and then is forced to do a scan to give himself time to cool down.

4:13 - Blade6119 screams in pain as a blast from the Forge hits his titan in the head. At this rate he's going to need to eject soon.

4:37 - At last, SirFozzie connects with a shot to the back center torso of the Forge, destroying the systems there and sending the enemy toppling to the ground.

4:54 - Having finished a scan, Godzilla Blitz notes that the downed Forge is not trying to get up. Judging this to be a good sign, he switches targets to the Dragonfly which had also started focusing on Blade6119

5:24 - The Dragonfly had given up on finishing off Blade6119 and started moving in the direction of the rest of the squad. Everyone began firing at him, and at last Godzilla Blitz nails him with the tesla again, this time ripping off it's left arm.

5:25 - SirFozzie follows up a moment later, disabling the Dragonfly's left torso and sending it to the ground.

5:44 - Everyone has been trying to get scans, cooling off and determining the status of things. Apparently the Dragonfly has not yet had enough, and gets to it's feet. sachmo71 switches targets to the Musketeer seeing that it's still picking away at Blade6119.

6:03 - Godzilla Blitz connects again, this time disabling the right torso of the Dragonfly. It again drops to the ground. Amazingly, it continues trying to get up. Will it never quit?

6:23 - SirFozzie disables the lower torso of the Dragonfly, and this time it goes down, permanently.

8:59 - It is actually difficult to tell if it's the Musketeer or the Forge that is still firing. Whichever it is, manages to nail Blade6119 directly in the cockpit. There is more screaming over the radio, but it appears that he's still alive. Unfortunately, now it would likely be dangerous for him to eject. We've got to finish off the enemy quickly!

9:02 - Fortunately, the pilot of the Forge ejects. Now we know who to finish off...

9:27 - At last, SirFozzie destroys the engine of the Musketeer. Everyone cringes waiting to see if it will explode...

9:54 - Fortunately there is no explosion, and the pilot of the Dragonfly ejects. There still hasn't been further sign of the Will-o'-Wisp. We begin to move out to hunt him down.

Oddly enough, a short time later, he ejects from somewhere out of sight. What a coward!


Salvage: $102,064
Bounty: $0
Payment: $150,000
Upkeep: -$63,128
New Total: $590,781 (+188936)

Godzilla Blitz - Status: Alive - Health: 117/117 - Kills: 0 - Hits: 64% - Titan: Ready
sachmo71 - Status: Alive - Health: 99/99 - Kills: 0 - Hits: 54% - Titan: Ready
SirFozzie - Status: Alive - Health: 99/99 - Kills: 1 - Hits: 55% - Titan: Ready
Blade6119 - Status: Alive - Health: 56/108 - Kills: 0 - Hits: 62% - Titan: Ready

We contact Captain Lord Fanton to notify him of our status, and he gives the following response:

"Now that you have liberated the Innsmouth mining colony, we have determined that all the Androids on Kaldera have be infected by a computer virus of possible Alien origin. We will analyze it and determine our next course of action."

That's wonderful...

Blade6119's titan is almost total destroyed, although sachmo71 also took some very minor damage. The total bill comes to $83,003. That's well with our profit margin.


Roster Summary:

Godzilla Blitz
Race: Male Human
Rank: Novice
Experience: 18491 of 21600 (+798)
Hit Points: 117
Upkeep: $12,312 (+104)
Battles: 17 (16W/1L)
Hit Ratio: 49%
Kills: 5
Titans Lost: 1
Awards: Most kills in one battle (2)

Intelligence: 12
Neural Sense: 12
Reaction: 15
Instinct: 12
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 13
Charisma: 14

Skills of Note:
Recon/Light Piloting: 65
Medium/Heavy Piloting: 45
Jump: 65
Scouting: 60
Close Combat: 65
Guided Missile: 36
Cannon: 70 (+1)
Energy Weapon: 69
Electronic Warfare: 60
Scanner: 60
Damage Control: 30
Leadership: 66
Business: 42 (+1)
Survival: 22


Race: Male Replicant I
Rank: Novice
Experience: 16881 of 24000 (+975)
Hit Points: 99
Upkeep: $10,092 (+174)
Battles: 17 (16W/1L)
Hit Ratio: 44%
Kills: 7/3*
Titans Lost: 1
Awards: Battle Star

Intelligence: 14
Neural Sense: 10
Reaction: 14
Instinct: 11
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 11
Charisma: 10

Skills of Note:
Recon/Light Piloting: 66
Medium/Heavy Piloting: 38
Jump: 61
Scouting: 60
Close Combat: 60
Cannon: 62 (+1)
Energy Weapon: 68
Electronic Warfare: 65 (+2)
Scanner: 63
Damage Control: 40
Business: 63
Survival: 43


Race: Male Replicant I
Rank: Novice
Experience: 17637 of 24000 (+1439)
Hit Points: 99
Upkeep: $14,112 (+378)
Battles: 17 (16W/1L)
Hit Ratio: 56%
Kills: 3 (+1)
Titans Lost: 0
Awards: None

Intelligence: 14
Neural Sense: 10
Reaction: 14
Instinct: 12
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 11
Charisma: 10

Skills of Note:
Recon/Light Piloting: 66
Medium/Heavy Piloting: 32
Assault Piloting: 22
Jump: 62
Scouting: 63
Close Combat: 63
Cannon: 68
Energy Weapon: 54 (+4)
Electronic Warfare: 47 (+3)
Scanner: 63 (+3)
Damage Control: 68
Business: 24
Survival: 36


Race: Male Human
Rank: Green
Experience: 9252 of 11600 (+1959)
Hit Points: 108
Upkeep: $7,956 (+234)
Battles: 8 (7W/1L)
Hit Ratio: 54%
Kills: 2/1*
Titans Lost: 1
Awards: Bonehead

Intelligence: 11
Neural Sense: 9
Reaction: 11
Instinct: 13 (+1)
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 12
Charisma: 11

Skills of Note:
Recon/Light Piloting: 61
Jump: 44
Scouting: 52
Close Combat: 58
Unguided Missile: 61
Cannon: 23
Energy Weapon: 23
Electronic Warfare: 58 (+2)
Scanner: 51
Defensive: 24
Business: 33
Survival: 43 (+3)


Team Stats:
Battles: 17 (16W/1L)
Leader: Godzilla Blitz
Manager: sachmo71
Mechanic: SirFozzie
Most Kills: sachmo71 with 7
Most Destructions: sachmo71 with 3
Budget: $507,778 (+105933)
Upkeep: $63,014 / month (+2576)
Jocks: 4 of 7
Titans: 4 of 10
Deaths: 1
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