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Cheap seems to be what made it attractive. At closer to par, it really becomes more of a decision for people & when people start thinking about an expense, it increases both stress & reluctance.

Exactly. One of the appeals to Netflix was it's relatively inexpensive cost.

They were "making" money off of me as it was before streaming. With streaming now, I watch streaming a bit for TV shows (often shows I just wouldn't watch if it weren't for streaming fwiw, so not a major deal for me) - so I may be more "breaking even".

But, as they increase the prices, there become much cheaper options. At minimum, it appears that cancelling the DVD service altogether may be the way to go for me. And, it seems that's what they want from me. Sometimes I wonder why they don't just ditch the DVD service then and become a Hulu competitor exclusively.

I watch, for the 9 non-summer months, probably 1 DVD every two months in many cases. When I'm being "good" about it I may watch 3 in a month. That's what.... $2-3 from Red Box? During the summer I'll usually go through 1-2 DVDs a week. So let's say that's 8 of them. That's $8 from Red Box or like $16 if I have to go to BB because Red Box doesn't have the TV Shows I want.

I can do math pretty quickly and see that I'm better off cancelling the DVD selection on cost alone. When it was just a bit more expensive than the alternative, the convenience was worth it.

Now I'm not so sure it is.

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Do you watch documentaries? That's about 90% of what I use it for it seems. I'm always finding good shit.

No, I do not.
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Originally Posted by Subby
Maybe I am just getting old though, but I am learning to not let perfect be the enemy of the very good...
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