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You are missing where they said they'd like to focus on streaming. I think they are fine with giving away physical disc rental to RedBox and focusing on the streaming side of things. I still think the key here is they don't want to pay Starz, Sony, etc for people who aren't actually using the streaming service much if at all, but have it on their account because it was so cheap to add.

not missing it at all. I know that's the way they want to go and that makes sense. I just question whether throwing all your eggs in right now is the way to go, especially as the streaming selection is still so hit or miss (right now I have 35 items in my instant saved queue - all titles that used to be available but have been pulled) and since it could also end up being a substantial boost to a major competitor.

Personally, we use the DVD option more (almost 100% for kids movies) but what got me to sign up a year or so ago was the added bonus of having streaming available for those occasional times we wanted to use it. I'm not sure that either option is attractive enough on their own to keep us.
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