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Oh for four. Bullocks.

We tried to offer our four best and most expensive players a restructured contract. Kirk Hitchcock, Theodore Bondy and Keith Oliver currently have the three biggest cap figures in the league. Craig McCorkle is eighth behind a foursome of quarterbacks. So, as such, we offered them insane contracts ($252M over 5 years for Oliver, $235M over 5 years for Hitchcock, $215M over 5 years for Bondy, $135M over 4 years for McCorkle), but their agents made the unsurprising, yet very disappointing decision to turn down contracts that would give these guys enormous new signing boni.

Alas, Player agents in the IHOF have no sense of what money is. Heck, there's no way these players will get these kind of contracts elsewhere. Bondy maybe, but the other guys? Hell, no.

Five other guys have signed a restructured deal, but these are in the margins of our roster (no offense, guys).

A tougher decision was the release of one of, if not the best, punt returner in league history: Gabe Broady. His tenure in Maassluis ends after 7 seasons. He was an undrafted free agent signing in 2081 and became our premier punt returner halfway through that season. In the following 5 seasons, he was the league's best return specialist, combining for 8 touchdowns. For a short while in 2085 we benched him in favor of Clarence Blackwell and in 2087 Blackwell took over from this legend. Broady spent the entire season inactive. With 7 playoffs games added, his tally ends at 91 games played for us. Father time came early for him, the decline has already set in for him. Good luck elsewhere, Gabe...
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