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Originally Posted by finkellll View Post
I feel like the biggest thing you are missing are the playbooks and game plans.

Yea, attributes matter, but do do coaches, gameplans, cohesion, affinities, injury settings, and probably some other factors I'm forgetting.

I can already tell you that none of this matters in multi-player. Most leagues are based on how well an owner can gameplan, assuming competitive rosters.

Getting the right bars on the players so league wide production is correct stops working as soon as game plans are changed from purely AI controlled.

Bars and production are correlated, but not guaranteed. Too many different modifiers for a strong correlation.

Is there a way to force CPU teams to use playbooks and game plans, or up the AI to put players in better positions for success? If not, then attributes are the only user adjustable aspect, right?

I will likely never play multi-player, and an sure there are others like me, so I figured Id release what I was using.
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