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Walt - A science teacher turned drug lord. He is just as talented at making meth as he is a becoming a first class d-bag. Nothing will stop him from trying to become the biggest and baddest.

Jesse - A druggie with serious issues turned right hand man (sort of) of Walt.

Mike - He's Mike... what more is there to say. A cop turned muscle for a drug lord.

Hank - A DEA agent that is both bad ass and sometime p*ssy all wrapped up in one package. Willing to overlook his wife's crimes, but no one else's.

Todd - Relative of a racist cretin who is a complete psychopath, yet a confusing and somewhat complicated one.

Skyler - The most hated character, she just wants her family to be safe.

Gus - Chicken and drug kingpin who took down his main competitor to expand his business.

Saul - A once street con man turned sleazy lawyer, with a whole lot of family issues in between.

Skinny - Jesse's friend and dealer of the blue.

Badger - Jess's friend and dealer of the blue.

Steve - DEA agent who seems too squeaky clean to believe.

Hector - A one time drug kingpin and psychopath.

Tuco - A relative of Hector, complete insane psychopath who could kill someone for the slightest offense.
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