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Welcome back!

Message me in game if you need some help with anything(I'm the one in first place in Div. I right now =P =P)!

All joking aside, We have a USA discord channel set up as well, which is great for discussing the game and asking questions. I can get you added.

I know what i am about to recommend isn't going to sound very fun, but as a new team - i recommend just hanging out for a couple seasons, making money, and building up your stadium/fanbase. There are a couple ways of training that can net you a ton of money in 2 seasons or so.

I know it's not exciting, and in my opinion - it is the worst part of Hattrick (new player experience). But if your goal is to drive towards the top and compete in Div. I and try to win hardware, sitting back for a couple seasons, and banking some cash is the way to go.

I spoke about this with Deacon a bit, and I'll gladly help you with some tips and tricks that i think can get you off on the right foot.

The game has changed quite a bit, so having a season or 2 to reorient yourself learn about how the game has changed isn't a bad thing either.
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