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Later That Night
(BGM: SWV - I'm So Into You)

Although we got the food from Jollibee anyways Rhythm Radio is playing a good hit by SWV however I think we are getting ready for a 64 Team Premier League Season so we are playing for the Bay Area Buffaloes and so we will have a chance to start up of shop so we will open the season in March and I'm getting really excited.

However Mariela Pepin is getting ready while having Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes with her friends

Mariela: Well I Can't Believe that Jay's Dad got the Dinner

Alayah Benevidez: Apparently we think we will have Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes, Do You Have the Soda?

Mariela: We got it in the Fridge so we should do so, I'm really excited.

Alayah: As You Know prior to the travels I competed with you Mariela for the title of Miss USA and a woman named Cheslie won!

Mariela: Cheslie Kryst?

Alayah: Yes, Cheslie It Is

But Later Victoria Paul walks in

Victoria: Well, I Competed with those two and I think we got some Fried Chicken so we can share it together!

And All 3 Cheered

Mariela: Can Anyone get the Mashed Potatoes?

Victoria: Of Course and One More Thing, Here's to a whole new Season cheers using Bottled Coke Zeros!

(All 3 Cheers)

Mariela: And a Whole New World for the Bay Area Baseball Circuit, Woo-Hoo!
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