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I picked up my second Division I Championship this past season!

It took a bit of luck, and the schedule was very much in my favor - but i am quite proud that i was able to win 2 championships on my first cycle!

Barring a last minute change of heart, this upcoming season will be my last before i blow the team up and rebuild. It's been a great run, but i am looking forward to applying all that i learned on my first team cycle and applying it to my rebuild.

Plus, my second team is hitting their peak right now in Div. I Oceania and my third team is starting to climb the ranks in the USA, so I'd like to shift focus to those 2 teams. (yes i have 3 teams, and i realize i have a HT problem )

How is everyone else's Hattrick experience going? If you'd like to join the HT USA discord, let me know!
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