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It's Day 2 and we are having in our Scrimmage Game at a Baseball Field is taking place and we are all getting excited so we are taking on a Softball made up of High School Students from Mt. Pleasant HS in San Jose

At the Mt. Pleasant High Softball Field

Jenay Dado: This Might be a Great Game we are waiting for the Buffs to come out

Alexis Camacho: Looks like we are stopping those Buffs out of the tracks

Jenay: Of Course It Is, So we hope can attract those opponents and I'd love to see what it looks like, but oh I see a Team Bus, Hang In There

(But Later a Team Bus carrying 36 Players from the Buffaloes come out)

Serena P: Today we are going on our first ever friendly game vs. the Mt. Pleasant High School Cardinals Softball Team and there's 36 of us on the roster so it is going to be chaotic.

Jenay: All Right, Good Game today.

Alexis: Hey, Were your opponents so I hope this is a Match being tagged team with the High School Baseball Squad, So we hope we will do it inside because the Softball Field is Raining.

Mariela: Rain in the Softball Field

Tessa Horst (Manager): Okay, Get Ready to Change into your outfits in 20 Minutes so let's go!

And so the players are Changing to their Buffaloes Uniforms for a indoor baseball Match

Later on It's Game Time and all the Buffaloes (except myself) are wearing Leotards and Baseball Jerseys however some girls are wearing Leg Warmers including Queen Victoria who is wearing her Black Leotard with White Jersey and her White Leg Warmers

Victoria: I Felt Like Wearing those Leg Warmers so this is in Indoor Match and It's Raining Outside.

Serena C.: I'm Wearing Leg Warmers Too, But Anyhow we had to put the heater on while playing Indoors when it's raining outside

Victoria: Of Course.

Then It's Game Time as the Mound will go to Kayla Ho for the Buffaloes however the First Pitch begins as Isabella Garcia leads off as she Struck her Out, then Naomi Shishido bats 2nd and went to first, then Aliya Gatihi grounded out thanks to Serena Chew but later Isabella Alvarez struck her out and the Side Retired after the Top of the 1st

But in the Bottom of the 1st, I will bat 5th while the other 8 are batting in Leotards and Leg Warmers however the Cardinals got ready to Pitch and Kristin Hopkins got a Base Hit to Start it Off but later on Mariela Pepin got the Grand Slam but in the end the Buffaloes beat the Cards 7-5.

MJ: We Did It, Oh My Gosh That was Insane.

What a Game, now we can celebrate so we can eat out however Mariela Pepin is the MVP of the Exhibition Match, so we went out to Carl's Jr. at Bernal Road to wrap up the night.

At Carl's Jr. what happened.

Kaili: Katie, you are, like, silent and that's not normal.

Katie: Today was a Very Exhausting Day from Start to Finish and the one thing that, like, we were all, like looking forward to and that was, like, motivating us was will enjoy some Coke Zero with my friends

I've never been so excited about somebody, In a Long Time, But we will win again but It's only the beginning

Jessenia: Today was definitely a game for the books but I've never seen playing against a High School Baseball-Softball Team first off but you know obviously, I'm here to enjoy my dinner at Bernal Road Carl's Jr. with my friend Mariela.

However we enjoyed Dinner at Carl's Jr. and we are ready for our next match against other Bay Area Teams later before we begin opening day which is later in March or Early April.

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