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Later on that Next Night (January 13, 1 AS)

Khaylah: Tonight is the Second Meeting and emotions are gonna be super, super heightened

This week has taught us there is no guarantee, there's no guaranteed time so I think that, you know, people are gonna go into savage mode at the players party.

Katie: My Heart is Pounding being back here, It's just like deja vu all over again.

MJ: This Room is intense, Feeling very, very anxious.

Jessenia: I think tonight's gonna be a little interesting, I don't definitely belive that it's going to be like night one for our baseball team but we don't know what's gonna happen because a lot of these girls, especially the ones who didn't get to participate in practice, I know that they're gonna take every opportunity to see what's gonna happen tonight

Marylynn: It's definitely been a long week we had fun earlier but tonight I can get ready for practice tomorrow and just zone out all the other stuff going on, But I'm really nervous

Jessenia: I don't know how this night's gonna go

But Marissa Enters

Marissa: Hello, Posse!

The Players Replied: Hello, Marissa

Well Marissa entered because we are all going to get things rolling for Winter Training and I had got a Bottle of Coke Zero into the fridge anyways we're getting closer to opening day which will start in the spring.

Meanwhile what about Victoria and Marylynn?

Victoria: Did You Give What?

Marylynn: This is a Baseball Card of Myself

Victoria: That's So Sweet

Marylynn: Oh

Victoria: And That's what we talked about

They all chattered including myself I had a Baseball Trading Card Collection I got to collect them prior to the travels until 2005 including some that Justin got while my dad is at St. Francis Hospital in San Francisco but for Victoria what about Marylynn?

Victoria: Marylynn is toxic, I have so many things to say about Queen Victoria myself, I was not gonna tell him about the issues in the house with Marylynn by my ultimate state is on the squad, I don't want to be around her toxic energy… I think Marylynn should go to the minor leagues.

To cut a long story short Victoria and her friend Marylynn walk over to her Bartender Yuki (Yes, The New Bartender from Bachelor in Paradise, Yuki Kimura that she competed on The Japanese Version of Bachelor and Bachelor: Winter Games) and It turns out It's Non-Alcoholic and that includes a Soda Stream Maker so she can make the root beer for Marylynn but Mari Pepin came in and wanted Root Beer too afterwards Marylynn tries to broker peace with Victoria, but the latter refuses to even sit on the same couch with her. "I think that there's a lot of miscommunication here," Marylynn begins. "Victoria, I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings, but…" Immediately, Victoria interrupts and tells her rival that they have "very different realities of what occurred."

"I don't want to continue fighting," says Marylynn, but Victoria cuts her off again and declares that they're like "oil and vinegar.", "I think that we can come to an understanding," Marylynn persists, but Victoria suddenly storms off "I need a break," she whines. "You're too much for me.

The other members are frustrated by the drama, primarily because it means fewer of them will get to speak the other players before the decision is made. "Victoria, may I ask why you felt the need to talk about tension in the house with Marylyn?" asks Khaylah, as the members to see what will happen next from Marissa to arrive with her Butter Knife of Bad News. Adds Katie, "To stress him out with, like, our own personal tension with the girls, I think was just super unnecessary."

However, Sarah, Bri, Lauren, Pieper, Kit, Magi, Rachael, Abigail, Chelsea, Jessenia, Katie and Serena C. are protected but what's going on here?

Looks like Sarah's having some trouble staying upright. She stumbles to the floor, and Bri leads her off to the side of the room so she can sit down.

"She's going to pass out," Bri tells Emma, who calls for the medic. And with that… the episode is over!, However 10 Players are needed to be protected for next week but something may happened next.


January 14, 1 AT - 12:41 PM

Jay and Bri are playing NASCAR Heat 5 however Jay is playing himself in a Created Car while Bri is racing the #9 of Chase Elliott

Jay: I'm gonna try to go over there and draft this kid

(Bri Laughs)

Jay: Okay, Your To Kind, Yu Need to pull me for a draft in the next turn.

Bri: Come On Push It, Push It

Jay: Pass Baby Pass

(Bri Laughs)

Jay: Come on I Better Know while I'm looking to pass the #48 Ally Bank Chevrolet of Jimmie Johnson, I Think I better take a chance at it.

Bri: All Right, I'm going to Push my Teammate William Byron

Jay: Where?

(Jay crashes Chase)

Bri: Oh My God, A Caution

Jay: What On Earth is that?

Bri: Come On

Jay: Oh No, Now What?

Bri: Okay, well, how are you gonna do it now?

Jay: Okay, Gotta Pit, Four Tires and a Full Tank of Fuel

Bri: Got It

Jay: Okay we thing Pit Road is done, Caution is Over and were getting the restart and here we go!

Bri: Were Back to Racing and I'm in 10th.

Jay: Well, I'm in the Lead and I'm going to win, see?

Bri: Yes

Jay: I Think She's Impressive with that

V/O: And Now from Rhythm Radio, This is an ABC Radio News Update.

(ABC World News Tonight Theme (1979-1995 ABC Radio News Theme Variant) by Robert Israel and the Score Productions Orchestra plays)

Michelle Franzen: From ABC News, I'm Michelle Franzen, Federal Authorities say the potential for further violence on the midst of the travels is real following the deadly siege at the Eastern States Capitol Building, Security in Washington, DC and State Houses will be at Unprecedented levels leading up to the inauguration the FBI is also tracking down more suspects

Aaron Katersky: The FBI Said, Kevin Seefried was photographed carrying a Confederate Flag thru the halls of Congress in one of the more striking images to emerge from the insurrection, Seefried was arrested in Delaware after authorities issued several bulletins seeking public health to identify him the FBI Has received more than 125,000 photos and videos as agents try to find every involved they looked at airline passenger manifests and airport surveillance cameras

Michelle: As for the travels they kept going, Inauguration is Moments way in the West Coast as Gavin Newsom is ready for her first term

Ines De La Cuetara: Gavin Newsom is now the president of the Western States of America she will take office in a week from now, however he was the 42nd mayor of San Francisco and the 40th Governor of California prior to the travels, however Kamala Harris will be hired as the Vice President of the Western States of America, Harris was the attorney general of California from 2011 to 2017 before being replaced by Xavier Becerra since then, Ines de la Cuetara, ABC News Sacramento.

Michelle: Southern California is still a Hot Bed in Travels in the New World including Los Angeles County for Example.

Alex Stone: Ten Million People live in Los Angeles County, However the Travels put Los Angeles County into a new world as the Los Angeles Knights, Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball made it to the Travels as all 3 teams are expected to play in Dodger Stadium in April

Michelle: ABC's Alex Stone in Los Angeles County, You're Listening to ABC News.
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