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After the Newsbreak
(BGM: Tinashe - Superlove)

Mia Amor: Rhythm Radio San Jose Midday Jams continue with a hit by Tinashe, Here's Superlove

Tinashe's Superlove played in the Background as we see Victoria and Sarah talking about what we had learned

Victoria: And We were told for this because I think we are listening because we don't know that someone fainted

Sarah Nicole Melton: I Can't Believe This, Anyhow It was a First

Victoria: However, Khaylah, Mari, MJ, Anna, Kalli and Myself are staying in the show but anyway we will say it correct

Sarah Nicole: Of Course we are and I'm Still listening to Rhythm Radio with a hit by Tinashe

Victoria: Tinashe?

Serena: Yes Tin-A-She, period, It's Superlove

Victoria: Got It, But Anyway we had more Practicing to do, so we should do it.

Well to say the least Serena and Sarah Nicole are good friends however everything may change as we go from here.

Meanwhile Kayla got her plan to practice on the Mound with Possible Catcher Kit Keenan

Kit: Kayla good job

Kayla: Nice Work, Kayla I Think it will be a good girl on the Battery in the Spring

Kit: Wanna get some drinks?

Kayla: I Sure Am

Kit: Of Course, We Should Do It let's see Yuki

Kayla: All Right!

Kit: Okay, Let's Get Some Soft Drinks.
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