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But 5 Days Later
On January 22, 1 AS (2021 AD)
at 7:45 PM PT

When MJ called Sarah out again for hiding in her room. "She's ostracized herself from the group," MJ told Pieper.

But later Katie went to check on Sarah, who had been crying. "I've already made up my mind. I decided I'm going to leave," Sarah told Katie. "I can't do this. It's been a combo of things. It wasn't just last night."

But Jay came on "I Can't believe It, I Think she would go to the Minors and to the other girls I was fighting for this but something really happened ahead of the decision of Sarah's relegation to the Minors, Katie shared with her friends that Sarah had decided to go home and Victoria clapped all by herself. "I want to remind everyone to stay classy in this process, because we don't know our stories," Katie told the group.

However Sarah was flown back home and be with her family at least for now and she will be heading back to the Big Leagues As Soon as Possible.

But Meanwhile at Jay's Home in Alameda, CA as I would say that the Bay Area Buffaloes are facing to change their name into the Bay Area Condors who cares that we will have a Baseball and Football Team?, But what did Jay said in his own words?

"I Can't Believe this Broadcast Journalist woman in San Diego is going to the Minors but anyway something is changing, I said something is changing anyhow that means um, the Bay Area Buffaloes are gonna be changing their name before the Start of the Season, I'm Calling it the Bay Area Condors, I Said everyone is calling that there will be a Rebrand into the Bay Area Condors, However they will still play in SJO, San Jose, San Jose, Get It?, I Always Said It but what is the music, ABC News?"

(The Aforementioned ABC World News Tonight Theme by Robert Israel Plays)

Daria Albinger: From ABC News, I'm Daria Albinger, The Year Long Travels kept going since 2076 but One Year Later, Everything gets the game in.

Tim Kurkjian: The Travels Kept Going as they are getting ready to Start Baseball Season as Major League Players are Signing Up for the Inaugural Season so Major and Minor League Ballparks across North America as they get ready for a New Era of Baseball, So Ticket Sales are buying to all fans all over the nation, reporting from ESPN on ABC News on Rhythm Radio i'm Tim Kurkjian

Daria: Meanwhile, President Biden challenging congress to pass the new Rescue North America plan as soon as possible

Mary Bruce: On Day Number 2, In The Office, Joe Biden has secured a new plan to sign executive orders to expand food stamp benefits for struggling families and create a blueprint for a $15 Minimum Wage for Federal Workers and is planning to work a $2 Trillion Rescue Package for those who were hit in the travels from the Various Years, Meanwhile Pacific States president Rosalind Myers might follow a similar plan just like Biden did by cutting down the Minimum Wage to $10

Daria: ABC's Senior White House Correspondent, Mary Bruce.

A Group of Kentucky Citizens including Grand Juries in the Breonna Taylor case have filed a petition to impeach the States Attorney General in accuse of Republican Daniel Cameron among other things reach a Public Trust

Meanwhile the West Coast's Largest Sheriffs Department is now under Investigation

Alex Stone: The L.A. County Sheriff's Department is the Police Department for Millions of People who live in LA County is been dogged by allegations of misconduct, questionable shootings a lack of oversight and claims that they are criminal gangs of deputies within in the ranks now California Attorney General Javier Becerra announcing the California Department of Justice will investigate the L.A. County Sheriff's Department to determine if the agency has been engaging in a pattern of unconstitutional policing, Alex Stone, ABC News, Los Angeles.

Daria: A Former TSA Agent has been accused of tricking a traveler by showing in her private parts as she went through security at LAX gets 60 days in Jail, You're Listening to ABC News.

Later That Night following a News Report from ABC on Rhythm Radio they are playing heading back to the music with Jade's Don't Walk Away blaring MJ looked back at what happened Sarah went to the Minor Leagues after she sent home, "Oh Dear God, I Can't Believe, Miss Trott is now a Minor Leaguer but anyways we are still going to get a new name for Bay Area at least, um Condors?, Apparently Oh Dear, I'm Gonna Cry."

Meanwhile Serena Chew thinks that we got Sarah to the Minors but this could be taking place as something will happen next, "Well I Was listening to Rhythm Radio and they're playing Jade but I Think I Just got a request to play Shanice Wilson after this and It's Saving Forever For You, But anyways Sarah was in the Minors in addition to working as a Broadcast Journalist apparently I could not tell what I say."

Meanwhile Rachael K. was at The Mansion's Batting Cage but later something happens the song by Shanice is blaring as she practice her Hitting Skills for The Inaugural Season anyways something had happened as something had rung and it turned out to be Katie Thurston

Katie: Rachael this is a Nighttime Batting Practice but we got to do something meet me upstairs!

Rachael: Okay, Let's Go Miss Thurston

Katie: Thanks, I'll Meet You There.

Rachael: Okay.
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