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February 1, 1 AS

Michelle got the Day Card but it turned out to be everyone who is in this house (Including Me) and it says "This Game could be really messy", followed by her signature that they were will be another practice vs. those who are in Minor League Camp so It will be a game between the Blue Team vs. the Orange Team meanwhile the Minor League Camp Girls will be on the Blue Side we are on the Orange so it will be game time.

The Condors got their stab scoring runs by Sofia Barrientos (thanks to a Base Hit Double), Ryan Clayton (Bashed a 2-Run Home Run) on the Orange Team took the lead 5-1 after 6 innings while the Blue Team's Only Score was by the Queen Herself Victoria Larson but in the end the Orange Team won including a Triple being scored by Myself then Serena Chew gets a double scoring 2 runs to win it 8-1.

And for the Queen She Lost, But Don't Fret we had fun for a Post Game Dinner at Nation's Giant Hamburgers

Later Night at the Mansion

MJ rejoins the group, and then "So, ladies... my character was put in question tonight. I was called an antagonist in the house," she says. "This does not need to fester... I think I lead by example. So, the floor is open."

Jessenia speaks up, and says JessSu (The Short Name for Jessica Sumajit) asked her about the culture. She mentioned MJ's name in relation to her varsity joke.

MJ blows up. "I'm asking you to keep my name out of your mouth, Jessenia," she says. "I lead by example."

Back at Kit's den, She gets her day card, and she's about to cry over it.

"Kit wanna have at lunch at My Room", Rachel she said.

"It might have something to do with tomorrow," she tells Rachael.

"I almost want to cry. I'm so ridiculous. My happy place is in the kitchen with my mom, and I've told him that. So if he were to do something like that for me, it would make me so happy."

February 3, 1 AS

Kit and Rachael are having lunch while Santa Teresa High is Having Lunch Period as they went to In-N-Out Burger for a Double Cheese Burger and Fries and a Diet Coke however here's what she said

Kit: Well, I Never Know what we did here but we are getting close to Spring Training and Opening Day and we are a month away!

Rachael: Aren't You Kidding Me, Miss Keenan?

Kit: Of Course Miss Kirkconnell, However I Did work on art class a Graphic Designer but Anyway, I Think we got it really good.

Rachael: Remember Yesterday when we went to Take Five Cafe for After School Lunch?

Kit: Did You Know Why?, Did we got Donuts?

Rachael: Of Course, We Got Donuts and Coffee

Kit: Apparently it's much better than Krispy Kreme, Rachael.

Rachael: Okay, I'll Take That.

Later in the Afternoon a Knock at the Door is heard but something happened from Serena C., "MJ and Jessenia, I need to know the truth. Meet me at Costco before the other friends arrive," Serena Chew said and that card included her signature.

Afterwards Serena, MJ and Jessenia went to Costco however they want to have Pizza by the Slice for Dinner and Save Everyone else for the rest as they talked about what will happen in a Month From Now as they get closer and closer to Opening Day for Baseball.

Later That Evening, All Those Kids as they get ready for Training Camp before Opening Day in the NASCAR Cup Series on A Practice Track nearby the High School

Serena Pitt: "It was Chaos you had other racers but what got me is when MJ would pass at me in Turn #2 and it would just go right as I head to the Next Turn.

MJ Snyder: These Teens are Aggressive Racers, I Thought the Others are Getting Me in Turn #2

Jay Jianoran: They're having a lot of other cars coming in their pockets as they are trying to get into the Checkered Flag anyways my Dad is Cheering Me on as I try battle against a pack of 39 Other Cars, I See Debris Flying Out Everywhere but anyway I think I wanna win so Dale Earnhardt, Move Over!

The Checkered Flag Flew

Jay: Yes I Win and Pinoy Pride, Good Job Daddy!

Eleno: Good Job, Jay and Pinoy Pride!

(Cue the ABC News Theme by Robert Israel and the Symphony Orchestra of Score Productions)

V/O: And Now from Rhythm Radio an ABC News Brief

Cheri Preston: From ABC News, I'm Cheri Preston, The House Democrats are halting quick passage of a family leave bill in the North American Government as a sign that the congress and the White House are ready to return working families' concerns to the forefront, here's Andrew Dymburt

Andrew Dymburt: The House voted 265-163 last night to send the bill to the senate, which is working on a nearly identical version to guarantee workers up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for year to care for a new child or sick relative during the travels, The senate has expected to follow suit later tomorrow as Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell to work on the situation.

Cheri: Andrew Dymburt reporting from Washington, Pope John Paul II made his 10th Trip to Africa as he opens up on an Eight Day Pilgrimage as he will start on a 8-Day Journey, Andy Field has the latest

Andy Field: Pope John Paul II made his 10th trip to Africa as he start his 9,581 mile journey which would last for 8 days in which the pope will start it's journey from Benin to Uganda to war-torn Sudan where the church has been under pressure from Muslim-fundamentalist inspired government.

Recently He arrived in Cotonou, Benin's main city after a 5 1/2 hour flight from Rome. The city was draped in Banners of Yellow and White, The colors of the Vatican in welcome to the crowd.

Cheri: ABC's Andy Field in Washington, Democrats and Republicans are still fighting for a Stimulus Package on the aftermath of the Travel, Republicans are going for $500 Million Deal while Democrats led by North American Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are going after a big a $1.5 Trillion Package

Chuck Schumer: We are not going to dilute... dither... or delay because the needs of the North American People are really good.

Cheri: The Travels maybe considered to keep things rolling but the population is still booming for since the United States and Some Countries have been ISoTed to a Virgin World, You're Listening to ABC News.
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