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Then It's Bowling Night after The Super Bowl

The Girls are Bowling but with Early Spring Training Coming Up Soon so we went to the Bowling Room and We Got Pizza and Nachos and a Lot of Soft Drinks along with Good Friends

However, Abigail is bummed about not getting more alone time with Tia, but she's determined to make the best of it.

Rachael mentions that her friends potentially being "out of their element" and we get a glorious shot of our "little fashionista" Kit.

All of the sudden Marissa Mabinag arrives, because why not? He tells the group it's competition time. The winning team goes to the after-party, and the losing team may get a drink.

However the Pink Team are apparently all great bowlers, and the blue team are not... but they make up for it.
The competition came down to the last few games -- where Abigail got a gutter ball and the Pink team came out on top.

"Blue team, you fought hard, but Pink Petals, you're going to get me a drink!" Marissa announces.

The Pink team celebrates while Abigail, Bri, Serena C., Rachael and Kit sulk.

"It's frustrating when you have that potential and you can't explore it. You just have to wait and wait. I don't know. I'm not getting any time," Abigail tells the camera.

Meanwhile following the Blue Teams loss something happens as all girls are going to try again for another bowling match tomorrow and everyone cheered!

"Can't Wait for a Rematch", Serena C. said.

Meanwhile Katie T. has jung rung in to meet Katie M. and her friends of the LSU Choir Drill Squad

Katie T.: Hi Katie M. and the Ladies

Katie M. and the LSU Tiger Girls: Hi Katie T.

Katie T.: Well, I Think We were going to hire a live band for Early Spring Training but

Katie M.: I Will Hired them as a Live and with my good friends Londyn, Samantha, Peyton and their posse!

Katie T.: I Think We Agree On It

Londyn: Apparently we will perform on Spring Training in 2 Weeks

Katie T.: So We are getting excited for this so I'll be on the Minor League Camp.

Katie M.: Minor League Camp, Because Spring Training is Coming.

Katie T.: So I Better tell you that all Current MLB Stars who played in 2020 during the travels in which we had 30 Teams will be reported to either Arizona or Florida, and scouts are them will be watching.

Katie M.: Of Course and (points to Katie T.) off you go to Minor League Camp will see you later what my favorite friends the LSU Tiger Girls, Be There!

Katie T.: Okay!


Pieper: Hey Jay, I'm Trying to do Night Practice

Jay: Oh, My God!, I'm Trying to Practice Fielding

Pieper: Well this is an approriate time to bring that up

Jay: Do You Wanna Field

Pieper: Yeah

Jay: Okay, I'm Going to Field with my Catchers Mitt and Do You Have The Catchers Mitt?

Pieper: Got It

Jay: So Now I Have the Baseball, Because Spring Training Is Coming Up in Two Weeks so we will be in The Bay Area so You're Outfield is that right?

Pieper: Yes

Jay: I Better Get This Thing Started so I'm having my Glasses On, Check

Pieper: Do You Get That?

Jay: Good

Pieper: Your Making Me Really Nervous, This Could Be It

Jay: Now I'm Using a Bat to Swing

Pieper: Are You Stalling?

Jay: Yeah, I'm Stallin'

Pieper: Let's Do It

(Pieper throws the Pitch and Jay Hits)

Jay: Just Missed for a Strike

Pieper: Because Your Making Me Nervous

Jay: Apparently Your Nervous, I Think Your Now on the Mound that your vying to Start on Opening Day, You Ready to Pitch

Pieper: No

Jay: But Your Now going for a Chance to Pitch and Field just like what Babe Ruth Did before he played LF with the New York Yankees, Are You Ready

Pieper: Okay

Jay: Got It

Pieper: My Arms Getting Tired

Jay: I Don't Know, Do It!

(Pieper delivers the Pitch and then the Radio plays the Iconic ABC News Theme by Score Productions circa 1981)

V/O: And Now From Rhythm Radio and ABC News Brief with Richard Cantu

Richard Cantu: From ABC News, I'm Richard Cantu

FBI and North American Secret Service are Involved in the Investigation in Pinellas County, Florida outside Tampa into a hacker who broke into the Water Treatment plants computers and boosted the amount of sodium hydroxide lye asting by more than a hundred-fold, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri says plant controllers saw it.

Bob Gualtieri: After the intruder increased the parts per million from 100 to 11,100 the intruder exited the system and the plant operator immediately reduced the level back to the appropriate amount of 100

Richard: The North American Professional Baseball League had Current MLB Baseball players who were travelled for Spring Training and will be invited to Camps in Either Arizona or Florida as Scouts will assed them before an allocation draft beginning in March, Tim Kurkjian has the latest.

Tim Kurkjian: The North American Professional Baseball League has travelled MLB players who had gone COVID-free to participate before Scouts attending In-Person or Virtual watch these events as they prep in for an Allocation Draft which will begin in March, Among those are Invited are 2020 World Series MVP Corey Seager from the Los Angeles Dodgers

Corey Seager: Well, I'm Excited Now, I'm trying to get a crack to stay in LA Dodgerland so I'm trying to play for Season 1 of the New NAPBL and I Hope we will really be hyped.

Tim Kurkjian: Opening Day will be scheduled for March 22nd and will be expected to go for a 32 Week Regular Season followed by Playoffs and World Series, For Rhythm Radio Sports from ESPN, I'm Tim Kurkjian

Richard Cantu: Rosalind Myer had unveiled a plan to trim payrolls for the North American Presidential House, announcing cuts of 350 workers.

Rachel Scott: 350 Workers were cutback from the North American White House in which the plan which is announced by Myer would be followed by cuts in other agencies, which would restrict the use of chauffeur-driven limosuines and turn an exclusive dining room into a cafeteria for all her employees.

Myer said all the moves are intended to show that the administration will share in the sacrifices to Nroth America will be asked to make as part of a deficit reduction and a new economic stimulus plan that she will reveal next week.

Richard: Rachel Scott for ABC News, A Court in Poland ordered a record of more than $3 Million compensation for Tomasz Komenda who spent 18 years in prison for a 1997 rape homicide of a teenage girl he did not commit, you're listening to ABC News.

(Cue The Theme Music from Speaking of Sports Break)

V/O: And Now Rhythm Radio presents Howard Cosell's Speaking of Sports Break

Howard Cosell: Hello, I'm Howard Cosell, Speaking of Sports Yesterday it was Super Bowl LV as the Kansas City Chiefs hoping to defend their Super Bowl Title to battle the Host Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium, The First Quarter saw the Chiefs scored the first points of the game with a 49 yard field goal by Harrison Butker then with :37 left in the first quarter Tom Brady scored an 8 yard Touchdown Reception to Rob Gronkowski to take a 7-3 lead but in the 2nd Quarter, Brady and Gronkowski did it again with a 17-yard Touchdown to take a 14-3 lead after a 34-Yard Field Goal for the Chiefs, Tom Brady connected to Antonio Brown for a 1 YD TD Pass to take a 21-6 lead then in the 3rd Quarter, Harrison Butker kicked a 52 Yard Field Goal following that Leonard Fournette rushed 27 Yards TD with 7:45 Remaining then at 2:46 remaining Ryan Succop kicked a Field Goal but in the 4th Quarter with 1:33 in the Game, Patrick Mahomes threw an Interception to Devin White before Tom Brady took the kneel 3 times to win Super Bowl LV, Giving the Buccaneers their First Super Bowl win at Home Turf and Tom Brady their Seventh Super Bowl Win and we will get to hear from Tom Brady after the break.


Howard: Welcome Back to Speaking of Sports Break, And Tom Brady is Here right now as the Buccaneers are Super Bowl Champions for the 2nd Time, How Do You Feel that you led the Bucs to win the Super Bowl at their usual Home Stadium?

Tom Brady: Well, We Did It, I Led the Bucs to score 3 Touchdown Passes and included 2 to Rob Gronkowski and now I felt like I'm being on Cloud 9 to win it all.

Howard: But Tom, How Do You Think that you help Rob Gronkowski who got 6 Receptions from You?

Tom Brady: That Was Great overall I had 21 Completions out of 29 Attempts for 201 Yards, That Did Paid off for me, But anyhow that we're now Super Bowl Champions, The NAPFL will now take over and we will now start from Scratch so I Can't wait for the New Era!

Howard: Thank You Very Much and Congratulations Tom!

Tom: Thank You Howard

Howard: And That's It for another edition of the Rhythm Radio Sportsbreak, Make Sure You tune in tomorrow night, until then I'm Howard Cosell saying so long for now.

(Cue Cut #7 of New York Fan by JAM Productions)

"Rhythm Radio San Jose, Hot 97.7, K-H-Q-T"

Christopher Lance: It's 9PM, One Hour Away to Slow Jam Time, Let's Kick It Off with Mariah Carey and Dreamlover

(BGM: Mariah Carey - Dreamlover)

Anyway, We are getting ready for another season in Baseball coming up because it's still Monday Night but anyway Katie Morton and her LSU Tiger Girls will be in Spring Training to perform the Music Live as a House Band and yes Katie can play baseball for sure.

But Anyways, There will be another day tomorrow as we get a rematch because It's Just a Sleepover for Something but Bri got the card and it goes to Jay? and Bri Said, "I Gotta do something we can make the S'mores!"

"S'mores?", Jay replied

"S'mores it is, I want to make it microwaveable" said Bri.

"I Got It, But do we have Chocolate?", Jay replied.

However we got the Chocolate and the Marshmallows so we just got to do it.

Afterwards Those in the Mansion are having a S'mores night with Chocolate, Marshmallows and Graham Crackers however with Brian McKnight's One Last Cry playing in the Background

Bri: However Are we having the Night Rolling is the S'mores ready?

(A Vibrator gets ringing)

Katie T.: There's Hot Cocoa Right There

Jay: Hot Cocoa?

Marissa: Me Too, I'm In

Serena: Time to Get Hot Cocoa

Jessenia: We Agree On It.

(The Next Day "Total Eclipse of the Heart" begins to play)

Jessica Sumajit: That Was A Nice Song

Serena C.: Anyways we got to work on Baseball so we hope that the Condors are going to run a 20 week season so Opening Day is March 28th

Jessenia: I Think, March 28th may be it.

Juliana Sumajit: By The Way, We Think we're in STHS and we are getting ready for Opening Day on March 28th, However Katie is busy in Minor League Camp but she could get back to the Majors Soon.

Bri: Did You Mean, Katie Thurston?

Juliana: Of Course, But Anyway This could be it.

Bri: Might Be

Juliana: But Anyway If I Want anyone to ring in by 10 AM

Serena C.: I Think We will take that and maybe The Clash Is Coming, Can't Wait For It.

Kit: I Can't Wait too maybe I'll be getting ready for Spring Training, But I'll Never Walk Away

Jade's Don't Walk Away plays however Spring Training is coming soon.

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