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A Test Session took place for Jessenia Cruz along with A in hopes of Making it to the West Coast Swing beginning at Las Vegas may be decided in atticipation for Spring Training for Baseball however she will be joined with Pieper and the Serenas (Chew & Pitt respectively) in a 4 Car Test Session in anticipation for the event.

The Green Flag went out as Jessenia led the field to the Green Flag in a 25 Lap Sprint in hopes that she will make the cut for this main event.

But in the End Serena Chew won beating out Jessenia in a Close Call.

Meanwhile Back at The House, Rachael puts on her glasses and speculates Jessenia will be racing in the West Coast Swing to go along with Minor League Camp.

Rachael: I'm Sitting Here, Just Keep Thinking About, Abigail and Kit are in camp, I'm Just think that the squad is going to start out even more.

I think that's probably gonna roll into Jessenia's Fate that she will be probably getting a Chance to reach the Bigs later this spring.

It could be either or like, they had a great day and maybe Jessenia could make as a Part Time Ride for all West Coast Events but we think we need futures as amazing as you are.


Jay Jianoran: I Do Not Know what the Future May Hold for this Season and many other seasons to come, but Mom What?

Nimfa: I Don't Know

Jay: Oh Dear, Joshua

Joshua: I Don't Know


Rachael: If Jessenia could be staying here in Spring Training she will make the cut in the Majors which means first and foremost, like a lot of confusion for me.

I have not seen how will the roster shape up, I haven't physically seen the roster in which it will turn out.

Doesn't necessarilly mean that it's ot there.

The hardest part about this entire thing is just never truly knowing where the Manager's Head is at.


Jay: I Think What Jessenia did that I will hopefully will look forward to a Great West Coast Swing before we go dirt racing in Bristol, I Think you're going to agree on it, Daddy

Eleno: Yes, Now We will hope that this weekend my clone of this son is in the Daytona Road Course for the O'Reilly 253

Jay: Can't Wait for It.

Eleno: I Think We are getting things rolling.

Jay: But Can't Wait for that as well.

But in the end Jessenia is sent to the Minor League Camp before Spring Training begins followed by an epic 32-Week Regular Season and so does Pieper.


Rachael: Do You Know How to Crack Backs?

Michelle: I Do; You want me to crack your back?

Rachael: Yes, Please

Michelle: OK, Breath In

Rachael: If you crack my--, If you crack my sternum

Everyone Just Chattered that Serena or Rachael needed help and Rachael might be cracking the sternum button as Michelle is ready to Backcrack the Backtalk and Michelle was hilarious


Everyone watched on including Jay and a few other boys who are probably are on the roster

Michelle: Now, Before I Wanna make my toast using Bottled Coke Zeros, I Just Do wanna make sure that I look good for the camera, so I'm gonna knock out a few push-ups real quick.

And So Everyone Laughed as Michelle starts doing pushups and Jay said "There you go, Those were good, Michelle Keep Rollin!" and then Jay said "Here's to Spring Training, Y'All and Probably Opening Day, Let's Do It and Great Work with the Pushups, Miss Young."

Michelle: You just spit that all over my back, Bri

Jay: Holy Cow, Where Did the Splatter Go?..


Jay: Can anyone get Bri a Napkin, please Marissa?

(Cue the ABC News Theme by Robert Israel and the Score Productions Symphony Orchestra)

V/O: And Now from Rhythm Radio and ABC News Update

Dave Packer: From ABC News, I'm Dave Packer, 38 States under a Winter Weather Alert from Washington State in the Western States of America all the way to the East Coast in the Eastern and Southern States of America more than 3 Million Customers without Electricity in Texas Alone in the Coldest Weather since the travels came in, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo

Lina Hidalgo: We've Been Hit Hard by Nature This Week but we can't deny that some of this man made disaster as well

Dave: The Death Toll Rising

Mark Remillard: In Galveston County, Texas along the Gulf Coast County Judge Mark Henry said Their working to Confirm Weather Related Fatalities

Mark Henry: We were notified of an emergency request about lunchtime today that the medical examiner needed a capacity of at least 20 and as many as 50, in addition to the normal storage.

Mark R.: The Cold Temperatures and Power Outages have led to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Fires as people try to desperately keep their homes

Mark H.: We have a More Urgent Situation out here to need people to get power and more specificly heat back to their homes

Mark R.: Mark Remilard, ABC Radio News

Dave: All of this are Deadly Tornadoes strike EF-2 & EF-3 touching down in North Carolina in the Eastern States of America winds up to 160 MPH and EF-2 Touching down in Georgia

In Washington, Joe Biden is coming forward tonight to build a new economic package for those involved in the travels totalling $1 Trillion, While the nation braced for the bad news and the White House prepared for an onslaught of lobbying against the package, several aides tried to downplay the impact on the Middle Class.

And in the West Coast, Peter Ueberroth told politicians, economists and business letaders at the state economic summit, everything is worst, the Former MLB Commissioner and LA 1984 Olympics Czar headed a state "competitiveness commission" for California Governor Pete Wilson and Currently runs the Post-Riot Rebuild Los Angeles Effort.

Your Listening to ABC Radio News

(Cue The Theme Music from Speaking of Sports Break)

V/O: And Now Rhythm Radio presents Howard Cosell's Speaking of Sports Break

Howard Cosell: Hello, I'm Howard Cosell, Speaking of Sports, The College Football Beta Season that occured in the Travels is done now the Number 1 Problem in College Football is let's do a playoff to 16 Teams and the Problem is Just Money, All 4 College Football Leagues will have a Tournament that could generate $120 Million for Athetic Departments as Most Coaches and Presidents wanted a Bowl Playoffs, NACAA President Mark Emmert said yesterday that economic pressures will force schools to consider this idea for the Inaugural College Football Season begins.

As for the Pros, The North American Professional Football League is Working on Staging a 32 Week Regular Season after the North American Professional Baseball League decided to do a 32 Week Regular Season and will still run for 162 Games as Planned but time will tell but anyways we think the College Football Season could be running for 16 weeks but that does it for another exciting installment of Speaking of Sports, Until Then I'm Howard Cosell saying so long for now.


(Cue Cut #7 of New York Fan by JAM Productions)

"Rhythm Radio San Jose, Hot 97.7, K-H-Q-T"

Christopher Lance: We're Down to the Final Hour before we go slow jamming let's begin with "I Hope" by Gabby Barrett

As "I Hope" by Gabby Barrett plays, It's now 9:05 PM and we are getting ready for a Cup Series Race in San Jose in 2 weeks before we go Dirt Track Racing in Bristol however Jessenia is hoping to make the field for this race in Santa Clarita's new Super Speedway

Jessenia Cruz: Apparently with a Test Session being successful, I Just got entered to run 2 Races beginning in the Santa Clarita, CA's new Super Speedway that has 2 Miles before we go to San Jose after that but anyhow we are getting ready for a Short Track Race later this weekend and it will take place at the Crashiteria

Serena Chew: However, I Will be Getting Excited to go along with my Spring Training Schedule because we are getting ready to run a Short Track Race later this weekend.

Jessenia: But I Can't Tell What Happens but well it will be calling for Rain later in Wednesday and there's a Flood Warning.

Serena C.: What

Jessenia: Affecting, Sacramento County?

Serena C.: Possibly

Jessenia: Okay, I'll Take That.


Steve Schill: Yes, We Have the Rain, but more impressively, the wind, That rain's going to be coming in sideways just take a look at how the wind increases as we progress throughout the day. So this afternoon we're talking about 50 mile per hour gusts as possible

Lea Dialio: Sorry, For Crashing, Radiology doesn't have a TV

Shaun Murphy: You Like The San Jose News Channel

Lea Dilalio: I Find It Soothing, Would you like to Join Me?

Steve (on TV): And we have more intense rainfall coming through and that's going to also lead to some flood potential. All of us are going to get into the action, You got the Mountains

Lea Dilailo: Would you mind If I lowered the volume by four output levels?

Shaun Murphy: Oh, That would be perfect

Steve (on TV): All the areas around here in Northern California, Modesto, Stockton, Sacramento

Lea: I find the reflection on the screen so distracting.

Shaun: So Do I

Lea: Could this?


Katie Thurston: Attention Members, We Had an announcement it will be a Big Storm Coming so there will be no program today at Santa Teresa High we will all stay here in be safe from Inclement Weather

Michelle: Okay, I Think I Got That but Bri didn't want to know why It will Rain.

Abigail: However I will not tell you It's Still Raining Now but anyhow with Today's Practice before Spring Training might be cancelled.

Michelle: Oh No

Abigail: Looks Like we could solve our problems for this.

Michelle: But Apparently we can do that.


Rachael Kirkconnell: I Can't Believe we Delivered Pizza for This

Jay Jianoran: Oh My Gosh we got the Soda because we got it for lunch because It's really raining outside because the wind speed is about 33 Miles that were watching on The Weather Channel, Now.

Rachael: Appearently, I Will Agree On It.

Jade Aganus: Hey, Jay

Jay: What Jade, As you know we are in San Jose, But to a Big Rainstorm we will stay home in San Jose until tomorrow do you already packed your clothes?

Jade: Apparently we think we got that.

Jay: Of Course we are see San Jose just picked up 35 Miles

Bri: I Didn't Now if we can get 35 Miles for Sure

Serena C.: I Think we will deal with it, because it's still raining.
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