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Intermission: Besides the United States and Canada gets Divided, 26 Other Countries were ISoTed to the New World, What are these 26 you ask?

These 26 Countries are ISoTed to the New Car Wars Cyberpunk Storyline and they are: The Domincan Republic, Japan, Venezuela, South Korea (North Korea is Gone Baby!), Cuba, Mexico, China, Philippines, England, Puerto Rico, Germany, Taiwan, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Italy, Panama, Colombia, Curacao, Scotland, San Marino, Northern Ireland, New Zealand and Wales that occured in 0 A.T.

But Within The Years to Come, More Countries will be ISoTed so maybe we want to see a Miss Universe Pageant coming soon because we already made new countries and new gold cross stuff for cloning and the New World Population will possibly hit 5 Billion but we are currently at 3 Billion People beginning at 1 A.T. and still counting, period.

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