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March 15, 1 AS

Spring Training just got really good however we are ready to Setup Rosters for the First Season which will begin in April or May depends on who you ask but anyway we will be racing in San Jose, CA however we had to deal with a Curveball that we will have a 4 Car Team for Pacific West Racing instead of going for 3 This Weekend however we got the #33 Chevrolet from Andy Petree so we need to get a Driver but anyway we will know about the decision.

However Rumors were spread on which was created despite of the ISOT of the Internet when PacWest Racing will have a 4 Car Team so if this happens that the new Car Numbers weren't announced yet however Jay said "We Think we will make a 2nd Car #3 to compete the 1st Car #3 belonging to Dale Earnhardt so Austin Dillon could claim the #29 and get sponsorship from GM Goodwrench for the remainder of Season 1 or wait for Season #2, So Imagine if Rachael K. will drive a 2nd Car for the Pacific West Racing whose going to sponsor that car?, We think we will never know as of yet so we hope the rest of Season 1 in the NASCAR Circuit may play out.

However They are rumors that the #30 Rhythm Radio could be going to a woman who travelled from Cumming, GA to the New World in which is the setting for the Good Doctor on ABC in which she could get a 2nd team?, Here's what they think when I met with my Dad at Jollibee

Eleno: Hey Jay, I Can't Tell they needed a 2nd Team for a Sunday Afternoon Race which will be a Good One This Week.

Jay: But Daddy, They are rumors that Rachael will drive the #30 but Michelle may not drive the #30 for this women who is travelled from Woodbury, MN to the city in which The Good Doctor is set on ABC but I never know what I said and I'm eating Chickenjoy with Mashed Potatoes

Eleno: Of Course

Jay: And It Has Gravy in it too, But anyway we are in the Midst of the Travels and the LA Dodgers are hoping to Win it All, Year 1 AS (or 2021 or 2077)

Eleno: I Never Know what I Say, Rachael was Rumored to be in the #30 Car, But I Don't Know.

However The Rumors may be true but on the Night of March 15, 1 AS something happens....


It was announced that Rachael Kirkconnell will now drive the #30 Rhythm Radio Chevrolet for a 2nd Team for Pacific West Racing and she will attempt to run the first Sunday Night Freestyle Race in San Jose, CA at the Santa Teresa Stadium in which she will make her first ever Cup Series Start in which she will run for a Number of Races for the 2077 Season.

But More Developments are on Deck that are getting 2 more teams on deck for a 4-Car Racing Team by the end of the Season.

But as a Result Something Happens next they are new girls trying to run for the remainder of the '77 Season as Katie Thurston will be in for the 3rd Car with Michelle Young getting a 4th Car for the team but what will happen next?, only time will tell.

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