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It definitely is a lot easier to apply discipline when you have almost 80 kids as opposed to 17-20 for sure. It also makes starters sit up and take notice when the kid behind them performs well and shows he could do the job just as good, as we didn't miss a beat with those kids sitting the first quarter.

I am tired so I won't get into too much detail tonight, but we jumped out to a 41-0 haltime lead against Maryvale, played 3's and 4's the entire second half and ended up winning 47-0. Their kids played hard and didn't quit, but we just have a lot more talent and definitely more depth, as they only had around 30-35 kids on their team. It's a tough place to coach and their coaches are all nice guys, who care about the kids alot. It is just an uphill battle to consistently win there and I have a lot of respect for the guys that coach there. It is definitely a challenge.

Anyway, great start for the young Knights, we have some good teaching opportunities on the things that need fixing and some good things to build on as well. I will post a more detailed recap tomorrow.

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