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Originally Posted by Blade6119 View Post
Any chance you can post your season schedule? Ill might just have to try and suport the Phoenix FOFC contingent and see if i can check out a game

Thanks for the comments guys, glad you are enjoying it

Blade, our game next week is at Horizon which is in your neck of the woods, Wednesday at 6:00 PM. Plus our varsity plays on TV tonight gainst Deer Valley in the Cox game of the week on channel 7 if you have Cox cable.

I am leaving for work now, but my next post will be on the pride that comes before the fall......and the humility that will hopefully come after. Yes, we ran into a buzz saw last night and took a 44-20 beating. Yet despite the score the game was pretty much dead even statistically. The difference cam down to the two things that keep coaches up at night.

Special teams and turnovers. The lowlight in these areas. One kickoff return for a TD, a second return inside of our 20. Being stopped on downs after we had a first and goal inside the 5 and after driving the length of the field in under 30 seconds before halftime throwing a pick in the end zone they took back 102 yards for the score as time expired in the first half That pretty much turned what would have been a neck and neck shootout into a blowout. With the pick and the goaline stand it could have/should have been 21-21 at the half and instead was 28-6.

To keep it positive though, it presents a good teaching opportunity, not just on the physical aspects of the game we need to fix, but on mental approach as well, which was not what I wanted to see last night. It worried me from the Bus ride over and nothing during pre game warmups happened to change allay my fears.

You can speak to kids from experience about things like this, but unfortunately the best teacher is often experience itself. And class was in session last night. On a high note, out kids did not pack it in when they could of being down at the half and we finished hard. I think the lesson will be learned. I will post more on this as well as stats Friday, since I will be home late after the Varsity game tonight.
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