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Originally Posted by JPhillips View Post
Well, if you are/were a white male.

Im not arguing that. But, out west many people that were not white males owned property and guns and lived a life of freedom. Back in the 1800s.

And this country had a civil war to free slaves.

And we went through sufferage to get women the right to vote.

And the civil rights movement to equalize these freedoms and rights.

Im not saying this is a perfect country, Im saying the culture of the country is built on freedom.

In Germany during the 30s and 40s, Jews could have risen up and fought for equal rights? No, but black people did here. And laws changed and things were equalized.

And how were women treated in other countries in the world? And who sold african people into slavery?

The world is corrupt. Its a bad place. But this country was founded to give a person to live their own life and make what they can out of it.
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