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This thread may be kindling an interest in me that my meager free time supply may not be able to meet. Any games that would be recommended for a fellow and his friends who probably aren't willing to invest a lot of time in learning and just want some goofy fun?

Guillotine is a classic for this type of gaming. It's the French Revolution and each of the players is a separate executioner trying to gain the most points by taking the most prestigious heads. You play cards to manipulate the line and take the first person in line.

Munchkin is another game in this vein. It can drag for a while though. If your group of friends have ever played an RPG, this is a great game for goofy fun. Note: It does not hold up well over time and can drag a bit. However, I know some people that absolutely swear by this game.

Liar's Dice is another classic game and my favorite on this list. Each player gets five dice and a dice cup. You roll your dice and hide them. The starting player announces his bid, and the player to his left must either call or raise him. A raise is considered increasing the value of the die or increasing the number of the dice. For example, the starting player might bid 5 2s. The next player can raise to 5 3s/4s/5s/6s, or he can move to 6 2s. 1s are wilds. You can also bid a number of wilds, but they are scattered around the board, IIRC 1 wild is a bigger bid than 2 of another number, but less than 3 of a numner. If a player does not wish to increase the bid, he may call. If the total number of dice in play show at more than the bid, the person that calls, loses dice equal to the difference in the amount of the dice and the bid. So if 12 2s was bid, but there were actually 15 2s, the player that called loses 3 dice. If the bid is exact, all players except the one making the bid loses a die. If the bid is less than the number showing, than the bidder loses the difference. This is a great game for casual gamers and is a good drinking game as well.
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