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Originally Posted by britrock88 View Post
I don't know that it's specified whether all wolves are dukes or hunters, or if they're interspersed. Interspersal seems likeliest...

If your "they" means dukes, then eliminating each other could nab a wolf and be a village gain. But it seems like you might not have been saying that, exactly.

My interpretation of the rules is there are wolf dukes and village dukes. Likewise with hunters. See quote below.

So two Dukes eliminating each other could be good for the village, as there is a chance a wolf is eliminated in that scenario.

Originally Posted by Chief Rum View Post


The villagers and wolves are also split into two separate groups: the Dukes and the Hunters.

There is no tie between players being wolfs or villagers and being dukes and hunters. Every player's allegiance as a Duke or a Hunter will be assigned randomly, regardless of their allegiance as a wolf or villager.
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