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Originally Posted by fontisian View Post
Shoveler, please don't shoot me toDay.

Give me a few hours to pick my target, and I'll shoot them. If, by some weirdness, I'm still alive and not confirmed town, you guys can lynch me.

Do not throw your life away for mine, especially when you're acting this towny.

Also, Martin obviously saved both me and Vaimes. All you have to do is ask Chief to confirm.

This is nonsense. You'll duke the lynch. You're a duke. That's why we should shoot you and not Martin. I don't really understand why you're even trying to argue that you're a hunter. The whole point about Vaimes yesterday was "how did he know it was safe to shoot font"?

How did Martin save Vaimes? By lynching him?

Definitely no need for the bodyguard to reveal. We learn what we need to know by shooting font.
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