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Great thread so far. Thanks.

I keep thinking about this. Al Sharpton made a comment, I am paraphrasing, that his race was building empires and pyramids while whites were living in caves. And he is pretty much right. And there was slavery and a class system and I imagine privilege.

This was true throughout history, Be it China or Rome or the Huns or the Persians. There was a ruling class and a working class and a poor class that was isolated and held down.

These cultures were usually more technologically advanced as well, see the Romans. I recently read where a couple hundred years after the Roman empire fell and the Germanic tribes were running around and they thought the aquaducts were made by giants.

Anyway, fast forward to more recent history and whites are now the ruling class, and dominate the world. And there is a definite class system.

What happened to these other empires in history? They collapsed and some other culture rose up and took their place or the empire fractured into many different states.

Is this what it will take to end this privilege? Will a collapse of the USA and Europe be the only way this privilege ends? Can there be any other way?

We talk about equality, but arent we really talking about equity? And is that achievable in our society today where the 1% own 50% or more of the wealth?
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