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Five guys on the Green Page...not too shabby considering I only had 2 first rounders.

The Green Page Name Team Pos Exp Dexter Norfleet Buffalo Bills QB 2 Bryan Clemons Washington Redskins T 1 Kelly Dole Seattle Seahawks DE 1 **Bernard Delgado Dallas Cowboys CB 1 Bo Granados Washington Redskins CB 1 Harris Powell Arizona Cardinals WR 1 Kennedy Buckley Houston Texans QB 2 Tyrus Torres Carolina Panthers RB 1 Benjamin Irvin Chicago Bears QB 1 Jack Yoo Tennessee Titans QB 1 **Mario Carlson Dallas Cowboys DE 1 Roy Harrison Oakland Raiders QB 1 Kelvin Bushon Indianapolis Colts OLB 1 **William Caldwell Dallas Cowboys DE 1 Steve O'Field Houston Texans G 1 **Dan McElroy Dallas Cowboys QB 1 Lonnie Staggs Indianapolis Colts RB 1 **Perry Esquivel Dallas Cowboys RB 1 Marcus Hauser Buffalo Bills G 1 Myron Mason San Francisco 49ers QB 1
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