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The coaching staff stays the same. We blame the injuries ;-)

Free Agency

We had cap trouble so a lot of activity in free agency. A bunch of the guys are already Steelers. I target the following free agents:

QB Tommy Wade - Re-signed
C Dave Behrman - Signed
G Eric Rupert - Signed
T Jim Perkins - Signed
T Dan James - Re-signed
DE Ike Lassitter - Sign with KCY
NT Gary Larson - Signed
ILB Dave Lloyd - Signed
S Dave Kearney - Signed
LS BJ Spencer - Re-signed


Looks to be a very deep draft. At the top sits QB Ken Stabler, T John Williams and DT's Paul Smith & Curley Culp. We have the 6th selection.

Our needs are:


At 6th both interesting QB's are gone. Had Stabler dropped one more spot I would have traded up to get him. At second though he was too expensive.

We have the following options at 6th:

DE Claude Humphreys
DE Elvin Bethea
DT Curley Culp

All defensive linemen with a nasty stride. Talent wise we have potential at DE. If not we would have selected Elvin Bethea. But we need a great stopper in the middle of the front. The Pittsburgh Steelers select DT Curley Culp.

At 37th we select the final piece of our offensive line, T Ron Yary. If he pans out that should give us a running attack and a O-line for the next 5+ years.

3rd - Dean Halverson, ILB
4th - Grady Allen, OLB
5th - Mike D'Amato, S
6th - Gary Beban, QB
7th - Mike Donohoe, TE

On a sidenote I'm very happy with this draft :-)
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