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Sri Lanka Rankings Update

Anil Mehul -- 3rd singles(unchanged), 180th to 209th doubles. Mehul got some serious luck in the draws so far, as he was not on Iglar's side in any of the three big tournaments. There was only a 1 in 8 chance of that happening. On the other hand, the official rankings for some reason have ignored his Auckland title -- he should be even closer to Benda than he is. Still, it's been as good a start to the year as he could have reasonably expected. A 24-3 record is even better when you consider that all three losses came against Iglar. Can't ask for more than that. The picture probably won't change a whole lot until after Wimbledon: he may add a bit to last year's clay results, or drop a bit, but for now it's about staying as close as possible and getting ready to make another big push in the fall.

Girish Girsh -- 19th to 17th singles, 85th to 127th doubles. Credible performances in Indian Wells and Miami have helped, but Girsh still hasn't broken through against top competition and there have been a couple of painfully underachieving defeats. His 13-7 record so far is actually a worse winning percentage than he put together last year. Probably he'll make up a little ground with virtually nothing to defend on clay, but Girish hasn't yet joined the main group of Blanco, Federer, T. Herrera, and Condon ahead of him that's pushing to be the next to break into the Top 10. It's a disappointment so far, more was expected and he'll need a big finish to the year now in order to salvage it.

Prakash Mooljee -- 11th to 24th juniors. Most of the top players have been a lot more active; many of them too active. Mooljee is still doing ok, he's just got different long-term priorities. He has a tier-2 coming up next week, then the Italian Open, junior Roland Garros, and junior Wimbledon all in fairly quick succession.

Manager Ranking -- 10th to 9th, 20.2k to 21.4k points.
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