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Sri Lanka Rankings Update

Anil Mehul -- 3rd to 2nd singles, 209th to 174th doubles. Breaking through at Wimbledon achieved a number of Mehul's outstanding career goals. Winning the World Tour Finals(and another Slam if possible of course) is still out there, but beyond that the only tangible thing left would be of course to reach #1 which is still almost certainly unrealistic. Continuing to reach as many finals as possible against Iglar and trying to close the gap if he can(currently at a still-massive 4530 pts) is really what remains for this year. He will need to play well to retain the #2 spot, with both his Masters titles from last fall yet to defend.

Girish Girsh -- 17th to 16th singles, 127th to 114th doubles. Girsh appears to finally have fully emerged from his slump, and is presently back at his career-high. In the fall, he did reasonably well last year at Paris and the USO but won only two matches combined in the three hardcourt Masters, so he should be able pick up some more ground and inch closer to the Top 10 if his recent form holds at all.

Prakash Mooljee -- 24th to 20th juniors. It looks as if around 20th is where Mooljee will probably finish, give or take. He still has several more weeks off, and many of his rivals have been more active. Overall he looks to be on a healthy pace in terms of his development, so there are no real concerns here at the moment.

Manager Ranking -- 9th to 6th, 21.4k to 23.3k points. Wimbledon was a huge boon here obviously. I'll probably be up to at least 4th, possibly even 3rd by year's end. Meanwhile oprice has set a new record again despite Mehul's heroics at nearly 61k. Only three others have hit 40k, one other at about 51k at their peaks, so he's miles ahead of everyone else.
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