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Sri Lanka Rankings Update

Anil Mehul -- 2nd singles(unchanged), 246th to 259th doubles. The Miami and Indian Wells losses made it a disappointing start to the year by Mehul's admittedly lofty standards that leave little margin for error. The clay season is the only part of the year where's there's really room at all for improvement in the rankings, and for that to happen things will need to fall into line fairly neatly as he made at least the quarters in all three of the big events last year.

Girish Girsh -- 11th to 7th singles, 247th to 260th singles. This year was supposed to be about getting into the World Tour Finals, but that's all but assured now. The new goal at this point is to surpass Marcek and Gaskell, getting to the 'best of the rest' #4 spot. If the results so far are any indication, he has a good chance of getting there. Two titles already, along with a pair of SF and one QF in the big events. Two losses to Iglar and one to Benda. Overall, an outstanding start to the year, and more opportunities ahead.

Prakash Mooljee -- 1828th to 1071st singles, 2873rd to 2098th doubles. One more amateur awaits in a few weeks, but there have been no threats on that level and that should be the end of it. The more hazardous climb up the futures ladder will commence by the time summer arrives.

Manager Ranking -- 4th(unchanged), 25.6k to 26.1k points. The rate of gain has definitely slowed, another case of a very narrow margin. If Girsh continues to excel though, that will change.

Coming Up ...

The final group round of the WTC is underway. It's a foregone conclusion at this point in terms of Sri Lanka, but we will get to see how the knockout round draw works out -- and who makes it through from the other groups. It appears that it will be a reversal of last year, with Girsh skipping Monte Carlo while Mehul participates due to the unexpectedly early defeats the last few weeks. It's an unusually important clay season for both players.
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