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I am happy with my 6 receivers, 10 O Line, 8 D Line, 4 QB. There are a few areas where I can make some cuts:

TE Shannon Matos – this was a tough decision, as I felt that every TE after Rasmussen on my roster brought something interesting to the team. Ultimately, I cut Matos, but this could easily have been any of the others.

SS Trevor Gomez – Too much of a run stopping specialist, which is not necessary for the nickel or dime back role.

Gino Domenici is a good FS with strong run stopping skills. I move him to SS

LCB Emmitt Spencer – Despite being a 5th round selection with good PR ability, that was deemed superfluous after I chose another as my PR. That made him my 6th worst corner thus his cut.

All of my backup RBs suck. Fletcher stays because he is my only speed threat. I’m cutting either Fling or Kelso. I’m keeping Fling. As I compared them side by side, he just seemed a tiny but better to me.

RB Kelly Kelso

Last up is the mess than is my LB corps. I have two MLB, the backup is my worst LB, but I can’t just cut him and move on. He’s doesn’t suck, he’s just not good in anything.
I have three WLB, so I can cut there. Or I can cut elsewhere and shift players around, like I did on my OLine.

I think run stopping is a key stat here.

I make some changes. I permanently move my good LB, Raymond Turnbull to MLB. I also permanently move my MLB, Eric Haslett to SLB. Now my good player will be in the thick of things. Haslett has some strong pas rush specialization going on, so that’s no a bad move.
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