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Time for staff

I make a head coach offer to a guy with excellent in both offensive and defensive play calling.

I also make an offer to a new D coordinator, but I like our offensive guy.

I eve make an offer to the cheapest scout. I mean, if we aren’t going to look for talent, might as well bring in a cheap scout, right?

At the end of the stages, we have hired our new staff:

Our new Head Coach for five years is Desmond Shanabrough, our new D Coordinator is Oliver Tanuvasa and our new Scout is Craig Griffin.

I don’t touch ticket prices.

Despite him being a starter, I send FS Lee Kinney to the summer league for more experience. He’s still really green.

I sign all of my RFAs.

I skip past free agency and then the draft, and then free agency again.

Raymond Turnbull is holding out.

He just wants to convert money to bonus really, he doesn’t want much more than I am already paying him. I agree to it.
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