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We lose at San Diego by 3. We lose 32-40 on the road at Minnesota. Harris Powell got three TD passes in that game, for 69, 62, and 45 yards. He had 250 yards and 6 catches. How’s that first pick working out for ya now! We finish our three game on the road streak with a 28-24 victory over Carolina. This time, Jerry Reeves caught 8 balls for 241 yard and 2 TDs. How’s that top of the second round pick working out for ya now! CB Robbie Ramon was the Defensive Player of the Week with his THREE picks.

With a passing game that is humming, this team is beginning to do what I wanted when I drafted these players. After four games, Jerry Reeves has the most yards in the NFL with Powell at 7. Jack Yoo is four yards behind the leader is passing. Robbie Ramon has a scintillating seven picks in four games, including a 99 return for a TD. That’s the same Robbie Ramon rated 35/35 on my team roster.

It looks good so far. Let’s see if we continue, or if the bottom is going to fall out.
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