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Let’s look at some stats:

Jack Yoo had a 90.5 QB Rating, went 289 of 455 for a 63.5 percent completion rate, for 3538 yards, 23 TDs and 14 Ints. He fumbled 9 times though, and had 1 rushing TD. The best news is that QB McElroy never wanted a game, maybe because he busted or maybe because he was out for the first seven weeks with a broken foot.

Torres rushed for 1197 yards on 306 rushes for a meager 3.91 yards per attempt. 10 rushing TDs.

Jack Fling had 4 rushing TDs and 490 yards on 123 carries. His numbers are inflated because he had one game with just 5 rushes for 125 yards because he broke two long ones, and that inflates his totals.
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