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I'm sure I'll get fired again before long, but we'll keep going. I may just recap the results in summary. I'm betting it's just us still needing to get used to the formations and strategy and stuff.

Nick Hutchings and Nathan Jukes are appointed captain and vice-captain.

15th vs Woodley Reserves (11th)
1-3 loss, a late goal by Marcus Cochrane our only shutout stopper.

A Puerto Rican goalkeeper I didn't know we have gets hurt in training and is out 2 months.

16th @Peterborough Sports Reserves (8th)
I bench Andy Kenny and his 6.17 average rating for 17 year old Ernie Perfimou, who my assman keeps pushing on me anyway from the squad that was already here.

3 - Gorgeous long ball by somebody, maybe even Perfimou, 30 yards down the pitch to Dixon. His strike is deflected, but he follows through with his own rebound! 1-0

16 - A defender drills Dixon in the box and hurts himself. PK, and Cochrane, who has been an amazing striker for us, converts. 2-0

37 - Yep. 2-1

47 - Just before half, we get a counter move started that concludes with Cochrane holding up the play, then passing to Davison, who sends a lovely ball forth to Dixon for the latter's second score! 3-1

Gray and Evans go in at ML and DC at half due to injuries.

60 - We stink at defending corners 3-2

9.1 for Kevin Dixon and 8.1 for Mark Davison, who just might have won the starting job even when the injured dude comes back to full health. In any case, our first win of the year snaps a long losing streak and it also drags us out of what is apparently a drop zone.

12th vs Wicanton Reserves (16th)

11th - Chaplin dribbles it out to the right wing before crossing it to G Henry on the near post. Shot's deflected, and then the ball's taken away, but Gary fights to get it back and hooks a short pass to the middle where Cochrane puts it away 1-0

18 - :/ 1-1

71 - Kenny in for Davison; Paul Duncan, a leftover, for Dixon

Yeah, we couldn't lose that one. Two weird things happen, though. 1. The board is okay with me having a shit month. 2. We lost $19.6k last month.

Our backline is consistently putting up poor ratings, though I don't know if it's them or the system. I'm not bringing in new people unless my scout specifically features them as a Top 3 player.

Transfer In - MC Bobby Hopkinson - 25
Like most of the guys we bring in, he can play multiple positions. In fact, he's a natural DR. But for us, his amazing technical skills, including 11 passing, will be used at MC. Only bad part is, he's an absolute dud in terms of his physical skills. Still, I'll make him our BWM and see how he does.

Although Mervyn Ellington didn't have a good start to the season, he's been doing okay in training according to my staff, so he won't be replaced yet.

13th @ Shefford Town & Campton Reserves (6th)
In addition to Hopkinson at BWM, Joe Bower finally comes in as a starting poacher, replacing [b]Gary Henry[/], who has done nothing much his first several games.

The first half sees Hopkinson go off with injury, so Kenny goes back in. They also go up 0-1.

49 - Chaplin dribbles down the right wing and hits it to Bower in the box. He doesn't shoot, though, instead centering to Cochrane, who continues to be our most balla baller. 1-1

59 - Own goal by Ellington. He'll sit next game. 1-2

Cochrane gets screwed twice after that with poor offsides calls.

We drop to 15th, which is in the relegation zone. We also lose Kevin Dixon for 2-3 weeks and Bobby Hopkinson for a month. FML.
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