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It's Time for a Long Spring Training!
February 22, 1 AS

And So We've Been Heard that we were supposed to have a 32 Week Season, But Instead we went back to 16 Weeks and will open their Season sometime in May so Opening Day will be going off on May 3rd and will last for the first eight weeks until June 27 as we start All-Star Break then the Second Half will Start July 5th and will end on August 22nd followed the Playoffs and World Series


Marissa: This is it, It's Spring Training and we got the Roster Set Up

Rachael: This Week is Everything and We are Starting a Longer Spring Training so we wil get ready to roll so we've brought those who were in Minor League Camp and they survived to Qualify for Spring Training

Serena P.: All Right we are all excited so we will hope that we can get ready for the first Spring Training Practice of the Season but where's Serena C.

Marissa: You Mean Serena Chew?

Serena P.: Yes

Marissa: She will be here any Moment

Serena P. Okay

Meanwhile, I'm Panning to get the Last Stretch Rolling for Spring Training as I'm going to get excited for the Inaugural Season for a 16 Week Contest so each league could have 32 teams but I'm trying to get this thing rolling so I will not be excited and I hope we should because about 128 Players are attending Spring Training and that includes 24 of those girls from Season 25 of The Bachelor IOTL had made the cut for Spring Training so we hope we will get things rolling.

But Later Serena Pitt met her Serena as something happens.

Serena P.: Serena C. are you here?

Serena C.: Yes, My Name is Serena Chew and I'm Ready for Spring Training

Serena P.: My Name is Serena Pitt so we will have a Chance to make it to the Bigs so we got 128 Players but in the end 50 players will make the Season as they get ready for Opening Day in May however we are ready, Serena C?

Serena C.: Got It, We Could Do It.


However Spring Training just got the Started so we can ready to have some friendlies being played sometime in March so the Current MLB Players will as we prep the rosters for all the teams competing for a 16 Week Regular Season but anyway we are getting excited.

As for Myself, Jay Jianoran we think we got Started on Spring Training and Katie Morton is at bat so I'm trying to practice fielding and so we wil do this right away however Jay tried to go home on the first try and it failed, but in the second try I almost made it to third, but in the third attempt, I did and it did worked out.

But Three Times we did it, But anyway we are prepping in to do Friendlies in March

Jay: Well, I Can't Believe We Did Three Times to Try It Out But Anyway I Think we can get anyone to have lunch however our Manager Tessa Horst just ordered Togo's to Delivered and we got it for Spring Training and we got it and the Sodas are at the Cooler.

Jade: Of Course It Is, But Anyway we think we're ready for Lunch

Jay: Okay, I'll Take That

However I went for the Italian (Mortadella, Capicola, Salami, Ham, Provolone with Italian Dressing) with Diet Pepsi and Potato Chips and I Think I got that for Lunch but anyway we are getting things rolling for a new season for 16 Weeks and we will be going for a 56 Game Regualr Season followed by Playoffs and the World Series.

Then we went Back to Work for more Spring Training Action and we are getting ready to get more exercises and warmups as we get ready for the Inaugural Season for Baseball and we don't know who will play in the first match, but time will tell.
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