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Jay: Day #1 of Spring Training is done, Now we are entering Day #2 Tomorrow so we are still anticipating because we will get ready for friendlies which will start later in March so we are getting ready for May Opening Day so we hope we will make the show

Rachael: But Anyway, I Think We Want to Get a Chance in the Major Leagues but Serena Chew is getting good moves on Base Hits

Jay: Base Hits but what about you Rachael?

Rachael: I Think I Got That, Because I Think I'll bring It On

Jay: Apparently, We Need to That for the Big Leagues and.....

(Cue the ABC News Theme by Robert Israel and the Score Productions Orchestra being blared)

V/O: And Now from Rhythm Radio an ABC News Break with Richard Cantu

Richard Cantu: From ABC News, I'm Richard Cantu, Defense Secretary Les Aspin was listed in stable condition as he continues to test for breathing problems linked to a heart condition

Mark Remillard: 54 Year Old Les Aspin was ordered to stay in the intensive care unit of Georgetown University Hospital for a 2nd night, but a Northern States Defense Spokesman Ron Nettles said something to secretary

Ron Nettles: He's On a Road to Recovery that he's under stability and I hope he will alright as Heart Conditions are Good.

Mark: Les might be alright be he is still in the hospital, Mark Mark Remillard, ABC News

Richard: Rescue Teams on Snowmobiles and Skis have found a backpack but no other sign of Five Cross-Country Skiers feared caught in an avalanche over the weekend, Tricia Tidrow reporting from the Rhythm Radio Newsroom in Denver

Tricia: A New Snowstorm might be on the way today, but time is running out as Five People were missing after being caught in a fear in an avalanche over the weekend, Sheriff Bob Braudis said he wil postpone the search if the skiers were not found today, Tricia Tidrow reporting from Rhythm Radio Affiliate KIMN-AM 950.


(Cue Cut #7 of New York Fan by JAM Productions)

"Rhythm Radio San Jose, Hot 97.7, K-H-Q-T"

Christopher Lance: We're Ready for the Last Hour and the Arizona State Sun Devil Choir Drill Squad leads it off to start the ngiht with Another Dumb Blonde on Rhythm Radio San Jose!

Jay: Still Hyped, For Tomorrows Spring Training and the Arizona State Choir Drill Squad is blaring up for a Hoku Remake do I get that but anyway, I'm still hoping to begin a 56-Game Season as we know it and we don't know the schedule but we need to deal with it.

Meanwhile, Bri Was Done with Spring Training now with Day #2 coming tomorrow thngs are ready to Change

Bri: Uh, Jessenia

Jessenia: What Bri?

Bri: Day #1 has ended and Day #2 is Tomorrow but anyone we think whatever happened to Day #1 earlier

Jessenia: But Anyway

Bri: Day #2 is Tomorrow so I have to go to bed?

Jessenia: Right, The Slow James will start in an Hour but we weren't lying

Bri: Of Course, But I Think We will not be lying!

Jessenia: But the 50 Survivors will make the Major League Roster

Bri: Apparently for Opening Day, I Hope I'm In!

Jessenia: We Think We Should now go to bed and good night, Miss Barnes!

Bri: Good Night, Miss Cruz!


Serena C.: Day #1 is Over, But we think we will be in Day #2, Tomorrow.

Serena P.: Tomorrow is Day #2 and Spring Training as ready to go so I can't wait for Tomorrow.

Serena C.: So We will see because the Friendlies will be coming

Serena P.: Good Night, Serena C.

Serena C.: Good Night, Serena P.
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