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CWA Championship Wrestling
Saturday, Week 4, May 1983
Huntsville, Alabama
Attendance: 10,000 (Sell Out)

--Lance Russell opens the show by showing footage from earlier today as Bill Dundee and Manny Fernandez are seen brawling in the parking lot in front of the Von Braun Center. The Midnight Express join in the brawl and help Manny beat down Dundee. Manny finishes off Dundee with a piledriver on the hood of a Pontiac Grand Prix. (B, 81)

--Lance Russell explains to the fans at home that the tournament for the new CWA Television title will take place over the next five Saturdays with 16 participants, culminating with the semifinals and finals on the last Saturday in June. He adds that the title will be defended on weekly TV. (B-, 72)

CWA Television Title Tournament Match
--Buzz Tyler def. Terry Taylor in 6:19 by pinfall following an avalanche. (C-, 58) Tyler advances to the quarterfinals of the TV title tournament.

--Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express come out and express their frustration that they will not be given a rematch for the Southern tag titles and they helped take it out on Bill Dundee. (B, 80)

--The Fabulous Ones come out and interrupt Cornette, declaring that they are clearly the #1 contenders for the titles. Keirn says that Dennis Condrey and Norvell Austin couldn’t even win 1-on-1 contests with them. Cornette steps in and challenges Keirn and Lane to singles matches against Condrey and Austin at the Battle of Memphis. (B-, 72)

CWA Television Title Tournament Match
--Jerry Stubbs def. Sabu the Wildman in 6:32 by submission following a figure four leglock. (B-, 72) Stubbs advances to the quarterfinals of the TV title tournament.

--Lance Russell interviews Jimmy Hart, who hypes Rick Rude’s participation in the TV title tournament. He says that everyone overlooked Buzz Sawyer and he took away Lawler’s Southern title. He says that people are underestimating Rick Rude and that he will bring another title to the Family. Rude hypes his physique and taunts the Huntsville men for not being man enough to tell their wives to start exercising more. (C, 65)

--Manny Fernandez w/Jim Cornette def. Porkchop Cash in 6:33 by pinfall after a Flying Burrito. (B-, 75) After the match, Cornette and Manny taunt Bill Dundee and tell him to stay out of the Dynasty’s business or his head will hit pavement next time. (C+, 67)

--Jimmy Hart comes out with the Moondogs and says that if the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express had any guts, they would defend the tag team titles against the Moondogs at the Battle of the Memphis. (B, 80) Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson come out and accept Hart’s challenge. (B, 79)

CWA Television Title Tournament Match
--Jerry Oates def. Troy Graham in 4:35 by submission following a spinning toehold. (C, 63) Oates advances to the quarterfinals of the TV title tournament.

--Randy Savage comes out for a promo with Lance Russell. Savage that it’s time for the Macho Man to achieve greatness and gold in Championship Wrestling. Savage challenges ‘Dr. Death’ Steve Williams to a match for the Mid-America title. (B+, 83)

AWA Southern Tag Team Title Match
--The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express def. Ray Candy and Leroy Brown in 9:56 by pinfall after a double dropkick and pin on Brown. (B, 82) Morton and Gibson make their first defense of the Southern tag titles.

--The owner of CWA, Jerry Jarrett, makes his way out to the announcers table. Jarrett announces that the Missouri Heavyweight Champion, Super Destroyer, will defend his title Monday night in St. Louis. Jarrett says if he successfully defends the title there, Jarrett will waive the 30-day title defense requirement and he will face the Mid-America champion at Red, White, and Bruise on July 4 to unify the titles and form the new CWA American Heavyweight Championship. (C+, 67)

--Junkyard Dog comes out with Jerry Lawler and tells Buzz Sawyer that since he can’t face him for the title unification until July 4, he has an offer that Sawyer can’t refuse. He challenges Sawyer to a tag team match at the Battle of Memphis with Lawler and himself facing Sawyer and anyone of Sawyer’s choosing. (B+, 84)

--Sawyer comes out with Jimmy Hart and accepts the challenge. He tells JYD and Lawler that they need to be careful what they wish for. He says he has an old friend in mind and tells JYD and Lawler to be in St. Louis on Monday night to see. (B+, 87)

--Jerry Lawler def. Buddy Landel in 9:41 by pinfall following a piledriver. (B, 82)

Show Rating: B+, 83

TV Rating: 0.53 (400,940 viewers)
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