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Loyal Readers,

Sorry that we are in a patch where the story is a little thin. On the plus side, we are very close to having actual factual games being played. When I finish posting the PCL rosters I will run a couple more test season just to be sure and then OPENING DAY!

To this point, stories have been all over the place, with no particular connection to time. With the start of the season the post will be more ‘real time;’ meaning if I just played March 3, 1946 and post a storyline post—that post happened on March 3, 1946. There will be at least one storyline post for every CIE week of play.

Regular created player updates will be posted every Sunday of CIE play. If a created player is hurt, traded, sent down, called up, etc, then there will be an update for those events. There will be a post for each player’s debut as well.

Just as a point of reference, here is the editing I did with our LahmanDB import that makes up the league (aside from correcting the “Mcc” things and such):

All on the 1-100 scale.

Ernie Lombardi’s speed is set to 1.

Pete Gray’s arm (C/INF/OF) is set to 1.

Since the league set up requires me to rely on a lot of ‘cup of coffee’ players I did make a universal adjustment to talent ratings. The minimum talent at any of the 5 hitting or 3 pitching categories is 35. Why 35? Well, if I recall correctly, that’s what FPS used as ‘replacement level’ ratings on its 100 point scale. So a player may not develop into an all-star or hall of famer, but they do have a chance to at least contribute something more than a 17-1-11 contact/power/eye imported talent could do. My reasoning—probably wrong--is that a guy would not be on a major league roster if he did not have the potential to be a ‘replacement level’ player. Actual ratings were not touched, only the talent.

Frankie Kelleher has his Power talent increase by 25 points—as long as he is the property of the Hollywood Stars. In one of those cosmic intersections, Frankie was assigned to the Stars—the team which he was the fan favorite for his home run hitting in the late 40’s and early 50’s. I’m giving him a chance to be that fan fav in Hollywood—otherwise his talent will be knocked down to his more human levels if he moves on.

(on a related note, here is a link about a huge fight Frankie was involved in with the Stars

That is all I can think I’ve done. If you’ve got any ‘technical’ questions, as well as comments about the story, the league, anything, don’t hesitate to post.

Thanks for reading!
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