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April 17, 1946: Way Up North With Dixie

"Frank, he won't go to a club with Negroes; you have two of them."

"Then take Dihigo and Bankhead. Dihigo is done, but Bankhead is a great young hurler."

Shotton tried to get the phone to rest on his neck as he reached for scouting reports on the Clippers' system. At this point of the season, Shotton was sure he had a better feel for the Clipper minor leaguers than Lane would. "I'll take Dihigo if you take care of a problem I have." With Durocher ready to make Minoso the full-time third basemen, Lew Riggs would become a useless roster piece.

"To get Walker I'll agree to most anything," Riggs did not fit into the Clippers' plans but it was worth it to acquire Dixie.

Shotton found the profile he had been looking for. As a former scout it did not take long to scan the report. "Is Own Hunter hurt?" There was a scrambling of papers on the other end of the line.

"I don't think so, why do you ask?"

"Well, he hasn't thrown yet this season for Providence and was hardly used in training."

"Oh, Hunter, that guy," Lane sheepishly said as recognition of the player set in. "Harold doesn't think he'll be much of a ballplayer. Too stubborn or stupid to quit I guess."

"If I throw in Branca, will you part with him," Shotton's assumption about the internal scouting was proving to be correct.

More shuffling of papers; Shotton had a good feeling.

"Ok, we got a deal."
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