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April 18, 1946: A Great Lake Mistake

From "Sid Says by Sid Sayes" column in the Milwaukee Journal
While it was awfully nice of the National American League to declare our fair city a 'Major League City' they forgot the courtesy of giving us a Major League team. While the word 'Milwaukee' is sewn onto the uniforms of the men who stumble around Borchert Field their true identity lays to the east. These are still the Braves or Bees or whatever name was given to that disaster. The team we were given to cheer is a fraud, which cannot replace the real joy our Brewers used to deliver.

Now, two weeks into this Championship season, club management has decided near one-fifth of the roster at their top farm club is better than the Major League roster. Sid says he might not know a bunch about running a baseball team, but he knows how to tell a good one from a bad. The group of jokers running this organization had a whole spring season to separate the wheat from the chaff and apparently could not do that right.

One of these new Braves who are to turn them into winners is a 29-year old rookie named Tommy Holmes. He was 25 when the war started and still in the bushes. Sid says normally when it takes a guy that long to get somewhere, he should not be taking the trip. Life long bushers are not going to help this team.
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