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The C25K Dynasty (Couch to 5K)

I purchased an app called C25K which stands for "Couch to 5K". It's a beginner's running plan to get people off their couches and running 5K (3.1 miles) in 9 weeks. I found 2 applications at the app store but went with this one: Couch to 5K since it can be integrated into Facebook and Twitter.

I tried it today for the first time and am very impressed. I had Pantera playing in the background while the app was on. The first part is a 5 minute brisk walk, then it alternates from walking to running. After the 5 minute walk, you run (or jog in my case) for 60 seconds and walk for 90 seconds. It repeats for about 20 minutes and you finish with a 5 minute walk. The cool thing is that it tells you when to jog/run and when you're halfway done. It also tells you when the last run is coming so you can haul ass.

So yeah, I was a little nervous cuz I'm not in any kind of shape (well, round is a shape, I suppose) but it went very well. At the halfway mark I didn't think I had it in me to finish but kept telling myself, "It's only a 60 second jog... it's only 60 seconds" and yesssss, I managed to jog when I was supposed to... victory!

I started this dynasty to hopefully get some people to join me but if not, it's cool. It'd be cool if I actually inspired some people to get off their couches to join me Like I said earlier, I'm nowhere close to a runner but I think this is actually possible. Subby was actually a big inspiration as well, so thanks Subby

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