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OK, this is freakin' hilarious:
"When it comes to scheduling, most people try to stay away from the week of Carver-Spencer," Marino said. "But we didn't think we'd lose much of our crowd to that game.
To understand the context there, Carver and Spencer are the only remaining segregation-era black schools in Columbus. (My mother graduated from Spencer in 1944ish.) Black people from her age (84) on down still go to Carver-Spencer every year as a "reunion" of sorts. Reading between the lines of that article and in the comments, perhaps there has been some change to the districts after all. Basically he's saying "white people ain't going to Carver-Spencer anyway, and Brookstone-Columbus ain't drawin' too many bruthas no matter when we play, so who cares about going up against that game????"

The media don't understand the kinds of problems and pressures 54 million come wit'!

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