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Our First Loan
ST Luis Cumbers - Welling - 3 month loan
If my staff is right, I should have done a full season loan on this kid. He's our best striker right now according to them, and it isn't even close. Very, very excited, though it feels weird to be loaning in somebody from our own league.

Couldn't have come at a better time because Tony Garrod is out 6-7 weeks with a twisted ankle.

GK Jack Turner
DL Max Worsfold
DC Odaine Kemar-Smith
DC Alfie Arthur
DR Qaseem Sotonwa
DMC Will Bor
ML Reece Hall
MR David Wheeler
AMC Troy Ferguson
ST Louis-Rae Beadle
ST Mario Quiassaca

Our guys suck at staying in match shape apparently. I dont' think we've fielded the same lineup for two straight matches yet. Of course, some of these fellows are having to play winded due to lack of depth.

4' - We have a couple cracks off a corner, but nothing.

5' - Very stupid play by Turner coming out should have cost us a goal, but Maidenhead are fellow relegation candidates and it shows.

6' Quiassaca takes a pass from Wheeler and dribbles to the far post, then crosses it all the way to the other side where Hall is waiting to put in the goal! 1-0

19' - Our initial effort off a corner doesn't work, but Quiassaca catches the half-volley and calmly shoots it in! I'm sorry I talked smack about you, Mario. 2-0

31' - It's a yellow for Ferguson.

34' - Jesus. [b]Turner[/d] drops a ball and I think we're in for it, but Kemar-Smith just gets in to clear it out. Evidently Turner wants to risk losing his starting spot.

43' - Terrible giveaway by Sotonwa, but Bor gets it back and feeds it to Sotonwa, who redeems himself with a nice arcing pass that Quiassaca chases down and deposits for his second goal of the game!! 3-0

We better not lose this lead. That's all I can say. Sam Page goes in for a tired-looking Alfie Arthur, and Scott Taylor takes Ferguson's place.

47' - Damn. Beautiful assist by Sotonwa is disallowed because Clone #1 pushed a defender on the goal in.

65' - Cracking counter started by Kemar-Smith that not only prevented a goal but almost tacks another one on ends with Sotonwa narrowly missing. After a corner and some fiddling around, Quiassaca narrowly misses the hat trick when he can't pounce on a readily waiting rebound.

79' - Yellow for Hall.

80' - Second dropped ball for Turner this game. This time there's no respite and they're with a faint shimmer of hope. 1-3

89' - Second straight game with a late game injury. This time it's Bor and I decide to let the no-experience at DMC Beckett learn a few minutes there.

Hell of a game. Mario Quiassaca with the 9.0 and Man of the Match. 7.5 for Reece Hall and 7.1s for Alfie Arthur and Odaine Kemar-Smith. 7.0 for Qaseem Sotonwa, and it's our technical B squad that has our first two wins of the year. Food for thought.

Fuck Jack Turner and his 5.9, though. Might as well give the new goalie a shot. On the other hand, after I calmly tell him off, he gets motivated and inspired, so we'll chalk it up to a bad game.

I figured out how to pause the game so I could give instructions for our next pre-match training at the advice of my staff.

Qaseem Sotonwa is eligible for a professional contract and wants $5,500 with an increase to $7,000 once he hits 30 games with the club. ...Yeah, that's not gonna happen, great as he's been in the first two league matches.

...Because we loan in Robbie Rice for a season-long loan and Rice is capable of playing DR better than Sotonwa. Another season-long loan we pick up is Nathan Smart, who can play striker and anywhere along the right side of the field.

GK Jack Turner
DL Nathan Beckett
DC Matt Drage
DC Alfie Arthur
DR Lewis Ferrell
DMC Scott Taylor (Ass. Man.)
ML Reece Hall
MR Nathan Smart (Season Loan)
AMC Troy Ferguson
ST Luis Cumbers (3 month loan)
ST Mario Quiassaca

Decided to go with a mix of alleged A and B because there's not only this game, but another league match a few days later.

5' - good thing I fired up Turner before the game because he makes a beautiful save after a Arthur misclear.

10' - Damn. Though that nice shot by Cumbers was going in.

17' - Yellow card for Smart. I'll let you do the CSI: Miami joke.

To put it bluntly, we're playing like shit at the half outside of Jack Turner, who has been making brilliant save after brilliant save. Alfie Arthur and Nathan Smart go out for Sam Page and David Wheeler respectively.

48' - We're taking stupid shot after stupid shot.

50' - Misfire by them in what should have been a goal.

52' - Sheesh. Two corners, one of which was damned close to getting us, but Ferguson wisely conceded the corner. We're getting slammed here.

63' - [b]Rae-Beadle in for Quiassaca, who's lolly-gagging out there for the fun of it.

91' - Third straight game with a late-game injury you say? Yep, and this time it's Wheeler, our most valuable player. And we're out of subs. Time to turtle up.

We escape with the draw and the point, though this is a game we should've won on paper. 7.5 for Man of the Match Matt Drage, 7.2 for Turner, 7.1 for Nathan Beckett.

After 5 games, we're 2-1-1 with 7 points and a +1 GD, good for 12th in the league. Drop zone is 2 points at the moment.

Board's fine with me, and I forgot to mention their aim is for me to Give youth a chance. Hopefully I've been doing that. Still need a DMC, though, for depth.
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