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GK Jack Turner
DL Jordaan Brown
DC Odaine Kemar-Smith
DC Alfie Arthur
DR Lewis Ferrell
DMC Andrew Cashin-Murray
ML Wayne Young
MR Nathan Smart
AMC Will Bor
ST Perry Law
ST Mario Quiassaca

We're expected to lose this one.

0' - Well that was close. Should've been a goal, but Brown shoots it out the sideline just in time.

9' - Penalty kick awarded thanks to Kemar-Smith's screwup. And of course it goes in. 0-1

25' - There's a shot for Young, but instead he dribbles right into the goalie. Yay.

26' - We should be down 0-3 right now, but fortunately they miss again.

30' - Completely made to look like idiots. 0-2

38' - Young passes it up to Law, who loses possession, but Quiassaca pounces on the loose ball and drills it in from 30 yards out to give us a chance. 1-2

44' - Oh look, another freaking injury with seconds to spare in a half. Fortunately, it's the cruddily performing Kemar-Smith, who gets replaced by Jerel Ifil, who's now recovered from his own injury.

It's Worsfold on for Brown at the half at DL. Smart needs a new person to replace him, but we have no one in our subs or in our lineup capable of doing it, as our other options were too tired to play this game.

51' - We're looking really fired up on defense since the break, fending off numerous shots and throwing ourselves in the path of the ball to intercept and prevent goals.

65' - But when you can't get anything going offensively, and keep getting slammed with shots, eventually one's going to go through. 1-3

71' - Now it's just piling on. Free kick into a leaping header, and it's 1-4

80' - We've quit, apparently. Turner just stands there, and will be benched next game. 1-5

Great game by Mario Quiassaca. Everyone else played like shit, and I tell them off about it, which greatly upset Quiassaca, even when I talked to him and told him I wasn't mad at him, and that he did great. Didn't work, though.

We loan in Marcus Moody from Farnsborough for 3 months, just to get another body on the MR side.

GK Iain Armstrong
DL Jordaan Brown
DC Jerel Ifil
DC Qaseem Sotonwa
DR Lewis Ferrell
DMC Scott Taylor (AM)
ML Reece Hall
MR David Wheeler
AMC Troy Ferguson
ST Louis-Rae Beadle
ST Mario Quiassaca

Another likely loss, TBH.

8' - Bad start for Armstrong as his hesitancy costs a goal. 0-1

10' - Completely outclassed. 0-2

22' - Yellow for Brown.

27' - Two narrow misses for Rae-Beadle.

30' - Armstrong looks like a dumb 16 year old kid out there. 0-3

31' - And another. 0-4

[b]67'[/b - Worsfold on for Hall.

Brown got hurt towards the end of the game, but we had no one to play DL, so he played on. This 5 substitutes thing has always been frustrating because we don't have much variety in our coverage.

I'm also thinking I need to rethink when I put guys in the lineup. I've been adopting a 90% minimum policy, but that's leading to constantly revolving lineups that's not helping our cohesion at all, I don't think.

Brown's out a month.
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