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Is it wrong of me to delight in your obvious misery? It probably is, but your write-ups are so entertaining to read that I can't help but to enjoy them. And I've had similar bouts of extreme frustration with FM, where every reasonable measure I've tried to get the team going have failed. So I feel your pain, brother.

You've probably been trying this, but since your guys seem to get tired before the end of halves, maybe find a spot a little earlier where you can tell them to 'take a breather' (or whatever the shout is) and 'retain possession' so they can get a little energy back before the other team makes a big push at the end of the half. That seemed to work for me some of the time, although it can also mean that you give up the goal in the 27th minute rather than the 43rd. You've probably also tried switching to a defensive possession game with 5-7 mins left in the half as well, but if not, you may want to try that, too.

I didn't play FM 13, but I played 12 and am now playing 14 as York. I believe 13 is more like 14, and as such, it sure seems that games move much more dynamically and require more tactical changes during the game as circumstances ebb and flow.
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