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Impressive October Trains
Eddie Nisevic
Max Crocombe
Sergio Sanchez
Luke Dixon

Decline October Trains
Brett Solkhon

vs Hednesford (FA Cup 4th Qualifying Round)
GK Max Crocombe
DL Aaron Brown
DC Stevland Angus
DC Ryan Austin
DR Brett Solkhon
DM Aaron Wickham
DM Sergio Sanchez
ML Callum McNish
MR Nick Freeman
ST Gary Mulligan
ST Ashley Yeoman

This is our last shot to play Freeman, probably, so we'll get the most out of him possible. Otherwise, standard distribution of rest as much as possible applies.

8' - I really do love Brown. He's so great at clearing out dangerous situations.

21' - Should have been a goal, Mulligan, given Yeoman set you up perfectly following Solkhon's header.

31' - McNish places a beautiful corner to Angus, but the goalie makes a great stop. Happily, it bounces off his hands to the far post where Austin is waiting to head it in for his first ever goal for us. 1-0

We're playing decently, but we're not quite dominating like I think we have the potential to be.

51' - It's a knock on Solkhon, but he'll play on.

68' - Yellow for McNish.

70' - Solkhon heads up for Mulligan, who gets drilled before the ball gets there, and I'm shocked that's not a penalty. Yeoman has the wide open shot and blows it, though we manage to get a corner. Wickham *just* misses on the second corner.

73' - The hell? Mulligan's diving header from Yeoman's boot cross is in, I swear! Must have just missed breaking the plane.

87' - McNish on the corner to Angus, who tries the turnaround kick... and it's finally in! 2-0. Lockdown mode initiated.

Only Ashley Yeoman's 5.8 was lower than a 6.9 (and he had a 7.0 at half, so really sucked in the second half. Stevland Angus was the highlight and MoM with an 8.9.

A huge $22,000 for winning that round.

We grab 26 year old ML/ST Nathan Arnold on a 3 month loan. He'll be a backup for us at both those positions, and could play MR if forced to.

vs Maidenhead - 20th
GK Max Crocombe
DL Eddie Nisevic
DC Tom Sharpe
DC Ryan Austin
DR Izak Reid
DM Aaron Wickham
DM Sergio Sanchez
ML Callum McNish
MR Nick Freeman
ST Gary Mulligan
ST Ashley Yeoman

Just three days after our FA Cup match, and we've got another one. This should be a win for us.

10' - Sanchez is facing a lot of pressure outside the box, so he passes it down the line to Wickham, who executes a pinpoint shot for the early lead. 1-0

26' - We put a ton of pressure on the goalie on a corner, but it's no soap for the insurance.

29' - Now it's their turn to amp up the pressure on a corner, but Sanchez finally eliminates the danger.

We get a couple more shots, but are unlucky not to pad our lead by halftime.

54' - Freeman's cross hits a streaking McNish to finally get that insurance goal! 2-0

60' - Sigh. And there's the answer off a corner. 2-1

63' - Thompson for Wickham, Reid to MR and Solkhon in on DR.

76' - Reid passes it forward inside the box to the six yard area, but the defender can't control it, and Yeoman is there to punish him for his mistake. 3-1

82' - Disallowed goal for us, as Yeoman is declared offside. A little fishy if you ask me.

Terrific outing. Nobody got lower than a 6.9, with the highlights an 8.0 for Ryan Austin (MoM), a 7.8 for Ashley Yeoman, a 7.7 for Callum McNish, and a 7.5 for Sergio Sanchez.

We were 10th before the match and are now 8th with 25 points. 3rd place Eastleigh has 27 points, 2nd place Havant & W 30. Welling is still dominating the league with 36 points, and have just 1 loss all season long.

Needless to say, we're definitely in a position to have ourselves challenging for a promotion playoff spot by the end of the season. Thing have looked pretty good through 15 games *knocks on wood*
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