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So it turns out the reason I'm not the Portsmouth head boss is because there would indeed have been compensation required to be paid. Oh well. Max Crocombe's in the Team of the Week.

@Mansfield (8th)
GK Max Crocombe
DL Samuel Bangura
DC Leo Clowes
DC Andrew Burns
DR Izak Reid
DM Taylor Parmenter
DM Seanan Clucas
ML Claudiu Hoban
MR Courtney Harris
ST Nabil Guedioura
ST Ashley Yeoman

2 - Le ugh. 0-1

4 - Sheesh. Lucky fucking bounce. 0-2

Yeah, worst half we've played in a long time. Reid's benched for Burns/Wickham because I forgot to put Woodford in the subs, and Taaffe replaces Harris.

58 - Two quick yellows for Hoban. Like trying to come back wasn't hard enough.

67 - K. 0-3

14 games in and we're 9th with 22 points. The drop zone has 12 points right now, so we're still okay with our cushion a little over a quarter of the way into the season.
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