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I tried to move stuff around for you so you could see the four province tail I have that licks into Tver and Muscovy. This is the end of Muscovy as a major player. I took their best province, and then two really goods ones from them fiscally.

And again, Poland is the best ally ever. They helped to keep the Muscovy army from being a major threat and reduced that war by about a year or two to win

All of my provinces are Muscovite culture, Orthodox religion, and have cores ongoing

Rzhev – 14 dev, Woods, grain farmers, 5% unrest, 75% autonomy, Rzhev is south and east a bit of Novgorod and Kholm, and next to Lithuania.

Mozhaisk – 8 dev, woods, grain, level 2 castle, 10% unrest, 75% autonomy, next down the Lithuanian border from Rzhev and connects it with Moskva

Tver – Former capital of Tver, with a 21 development, grasslands, 10% unrest, 75% auto, grass farmers. In the center of Tver. It has a church and workshop

Moskva – The crown jewel! 29 Dev, grasslands, iron miners, it has a marketplace and level 2 castle, 5.4% unrest, 75% auto. Inland Center of Trade with 13 MIL upgrades to make a ton of manpower.
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